Disposable plastic spa slipper
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Presently in the health, beauty, and athletic spas, no consistent, readily available absolute prevention exists for the spread of foot and nail disease. My invention of the clear, plastic, disposable spa slipper provides an inexpensive solution to this dilemma. The consistent, one time use of this product by spa patrons guarantees that no existing foot/nail fungus, virus or bacteria can be transmitted to other patrons and that no presently available disease in the spa wet areas can be contracted by the wearer.

Ross, Carol Anne (Sherman Oaks, CA, US)
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What I claim as my invention is a clear plastic, disposable, snug fitting spa slipper which protects the wearer against the communicability of foot disease:

1. It is to be worn only once in the shower, sauna, steam and pool areas of the spa thus preventing the transmission of fungal, viral, and bacterial disease of the feet and nails. The consistent wearing of these disposable plastic spa slippers, guarantee the user of freedom from contracting foot disease in common wet areas or transmitting disease already present.

[0001] This product is a disposable, clear or colored, light weight plastic slipper for health/beauty/athletic spa wet area use. It is designed for a snug, comfortable fit around the bare ankle to prevent contaminated water from invading the healthy foot.

[0002] This inexpensive slipper prevents the transmission of foot and nail fungal, bacterial and viral disease through the ‘one time only use’ in the shower, steam sauna, and pool areas of any spa. This disposable protection ensures foot health during leisure time.


Medical/Health/Athletic/Beauty Field of Technology

[0003] Although present day technology and education sponsors the idea that ‘wet’ areas, such as community showers, sauna, steam room are not without the threat of transfer of foot disease, no serious product is promoted or available to ensure that this does not occur. Some people wear rubber footwear, many go barefoot; regardless, in these circumstances, the threat of exposure to foot disease is constantly present.

[0004] If these institutions promoted an inexpensive ‘disposable’ alternative to the problem, most people would automatically take advantage of such a simple solution. Doing so would save the agony, inconvenience, and possible lengthy expensive treatment of the disease encountered.

[0005] The general public requires consistent health education. The time is right to give much needed attention to this common source of communicable disease. A simple solution is found in my current innovative design of an inexpensive disposable alternative to acquiring disease of the foot and nail. My disposable, clear plastic, fitted spa slipper ensures protection and is a simple, viable solution to the transmission of foot disease in the ‘wet’ areas of today's spas.


[0006] When each individual uses disposable plastic footwear, no foot ailment, such as athlete's foot, bacterial infection, or foot and nail fungus, can be transmitted to another individual in the common showers, saunas, steam rooms or pool areas of beauty, health and athletic spas. All these diseases are currently transferable and commonly spread. Few people partially protect themselves by wearing some type of rubber footwear. This repeated wear and open design, do nothing to protect the user on a permanent basis. Others go barefoot and suscept themselves to acquiring a foot infection.

[0007] The object of this invention is to promote a new public health standard in the Spa Industry and thereby prevent the transmission of foot and nail disease from patron to patron.


[0008] Presently in the health, beauty and athletic industries, patrons utilizing the ‘wet’ areas such as pool, sauna, steam and showers are susceptible to contracting fungal, bacterial or viral disease of the foot and nail. Some use semi-protective rubber foot wear, others go barefoot assuming that they will not encounter this problem. No consistent preventive footwear exists to combat this common communicable source of infection.

[0009] Foot and nail fungus and bacterial infections thrive in warm moist environments. One patron with disease, discards pathogenic cells in shower floors, saunas etc. Another patron unknowingly picks up same. Shoes, socks or stockings create the perfect post medium for the proliferation and growth of disease cells. This dark, moist, environment completes the scenario of foot disease. Most of these conditions take months or even years to clear with common cures. Prescription medical cures are very expensive and extremely harsh on human organs such as the liver, mandating constant medical testing and supervision.

[0010] A simple solution exists to this dilemma. The one time use of an inexpensive, disposable, light plastic, fitted, spa slipper by the patron during his ‘wet’ area exposure eliminates the threat of foot and nail disease ensuring foot health during leisure time.

[0011] The body of this spa slipper is designed of 2 ML soft, pliable, form fitting clear or colored plastic which completely covers the foot to above the ankle. The front and heel flaps are made of a thicker, 3 ML soft plastic to facilitate pulling on the foot. Around the ankle, the soft plastic is gathered and elasticized to prevent water from entering. The base of the slipper is a 3 ML, cushioned, corrugated non slip sole. The essence of this slipper is comfort, softness and protection. The wearer enjoys the wonderful feeling of ‘bare feet on tile’, while at the same time is protected from contracting foot and nail disease.

[0012] I propose totally disposable (meaning one use only) inexpensive, lightweight, attractive, and comfortable plastic footwear be available at all wet area spas, or for individual purchase. They can be supplied in small numbers for individuals or large numbers for institutional use.

[0013] The object of this invention is to upgrade the public health standards of environments sought by those individuals desiring to enhance their lives through exercise, health or beauty pursuits. These environments have a duty to ensure health and safety for their clients or patrons. This situation has never been addressed to my knowledge, and therefore, this innovative solution was created by me.


[0014] FIG. 1 is a side or lateral view of the Spa Slipper.

[0015] FIG. 2 is a bottom or sole view of the Spa Slipper.

[0016] FIG. 3 is an oblique view of the Spa Slipper in motion.