Clear vinyl stringed musical instrument dust-cover incorporating a fitted head stock pocket
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A stringed musical instrument cover that is made of a clear poly vinyl chloride (PVC) or other clear flexible type of fabric. The cover is designed to cover the parts of an instrument from air borne dust and other contaminants. The clear fabric is necessary to allow the instruments' craftsmanship to be seen while on display and not being played. The fitted headstock pocket is the only means of attachment to the musical instrument and is designed to allow the cover to be easily removed from and replaced on the instrument. The cover is open at the back to allow for proper air circulation and not allow moisture to condense on the underside of the vinyl material.

Naffziger, Steven Alan (Ojai, CA, US)
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206/14, 206/314
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Steven A. Naffziger (Ojai, CA, US)

What I claim that the invention is:

1. A fitted, clear fabric, stringed instrument dust cover.

2. The instruments of claim 1 wherein: stringed instruments such as violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjos, violas, and instruments as large as up right basses.

3. The fabric of claim 1 wherein: said fabric is clear material.

4. The method of attachment and fitting of claim 1 wherein: is by means of a fitted instrument headstock pocket.



[0001] This invention relates in general to a covering that protects stringed musical instruments from dust and other air borne contaminants while resting on a stand or on display and not being played.

[0002] This cover is formed to the shape of the desired instrument and, depending on the size of the cover, can be used to cover violins, guitars, banjos, violas, and instruments up the size of upright basses.

[0003] This cover protects stringed musical instruments from dust and other airborne contaminants such as cigarette and cooking smoke or grease while not being played and not being covered by a non clear fabric carrying case or hard shell traveling case. Thus protecting the fine wood, fret board, strings, tuning pegs, and electronics from air borne pollutants.

[0004] This cover is manufactured with a fitted pocket that is slipped over the head stock of the stringed instrument as the primary means of attachment to the instrument.

[0005] This cover is manufactured with a clear polyvinylchoride material as to let the beauty of the instrument show while covered.

[0006] The back of this cover is purposely left open as to allow air circulation to eliminate any condensation of moisture and for ease of removal and replacement.


[0007] Previously there have been no clear dust covers for stringed instruments. This cover has been designed to protect the integral parts of an instrument, such as; the body, neck, headstock, fret board, strings, sound holes, tuning keys, the electronics and their controls from air born dust and other air borne contaminants. Thus preserving their beauty and usefulness.

[0008] The headstock portion of the cover has been designed as a pocket to fit over the top of the headstock. This pocket is the primary means of attachment to the instrument and designed to completely cover the tuning keys and protect these fittings from air borne contaminates.

[0009] The material chosen for the cover is clear, non-reactive, non abrasive polyvinylchoride (PVC). The material is clear as to allow the beauty of the instrument to show while on a stand or hanging from a holder on a wall.

[0010] The cover is fitted on the sides of the body but open on the bottom for ease of removal and replacement on the instrument. The cover is also open at the back to allow for air circulation and ease of removal and replacement on the instrument while on display.

[0011] There are five pieces to the cover pattern. A front piece that covers the front of the body, fret board, and front of the headstock. Two identical pieces for the sides. One piece for the back of the headstock and one piece for the headstock pocket gusset panel. These panels are sewn together at the seams using a reinforcing tape as a means to prevent the sewn stitches from tearing or pulling out.


[0012] An acoustic guitar cover is being used as an example. This design is used for all stringed musical instruments.

[0013] FIG. 1. Pattern front cover.

[0014] FIG. 2. Pattern side covers

[0015] FIG. 3. Pattern headstock back.

[0016] FIG. 4. Pattern headstock pocket gusset panel.

[0017] FIG. 5. Completed sewn cover with FIGS. 1 through 4 identified.


[0018] The invention is a unique method of covering and protecting a stringed instrument while it is being stored or displayed. It is designed for ease of use and total protection of the integral parts of the instrument. The design allows for manufacturing at a reasonable cost and usual methods of fabric fabrication. While in use the cover allows for air circulation yet protects the instrument from normal air borne contaminants. The material (PVC) was chosen for its' non reactive, non abrasive characteristics and its' availability on the open market. The PVC material is easy to sew and is readily available in sheet or flat stock form.

[0019] Previously to this invention stringed musical instruments would have to be stored in their fabric or hard shell carrying cases to protect them from dust and other contaminates. This invention allows for the protection of the instrument while the clear fitted material allows the beauty of the instrument to show. The invention allows for the attractive display of the instrument while resting on a floor stand or wall mounted by hook or strap.

[0020] The unique fitted headstock pocket is the only means of attachment to the instrument. There is no necessary hardware to be attached to the instrument such as snaps, hooks, elastic bands, draw strings or other fasteners.

[0021] A fabric tape made of cotton, polyester, or vinyl material is used as reinforcement of the seams where the various panels of the cover are sewn together. The tape is visually desirable and structurally necessary so that the seams do not split or pull apart.


[0022] None.

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