Water resistant freeflex sports cap
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A freeflex sports cap is used for sports and physical activities so that it can help people concentrate and focus. The cap is capable of fitting wearers having a range of different head sizes at ease and out of harms way from hurting the wears head. Most importantly, the freeflex sports cap is water resistant; making it a valuable head protective gear during any unexpected weather changes. The cap includes a multi gore shell that forms the crown portion and a bill that connects to the crown. The freeflex sports cap is configured to cover the wearers head with the improvement being made along the base of the cap that gives a unique stretch along the cordial axis to fit multiple head sizes and providing maximum head comfort.

The cap has the looks and appeal of a fitted cap where the size of the fitted cap is already predetermined and measured accordingly. Moreover, the freeflex sports cap doesn't require an adjustable fastener portion or an open portion on the back of the cap. The greatest advantage to the freeflex sports cap is that it is capable of providing the wearer a custom fitting cap within a predetermined range of head sizes, without creating a change in shape due to the difference in head size or provide any discomfort and pain during any circumstantial changes in weather.

Lee, Chung Beom (Los Angeles, CA, US)
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1. The invention will compromise of a body containing a plurality of gores that forms the portion of the crown that has a lower peripheral edge, wherein at least some of the said plurality of gores are composed of both an uniaxially and multi-axially stretchable fabric aligned to stretch in the outer direction so that the body of the present invention appears of being fitted and configures accordingly to the size and shape of the wearers head.

2. A sweatband attached to the base of the peripheral edge of the crown portion of the invention is a single predetermined material that is sown into the fabric of the cap so that it is adjustable with the said main body to fit various head sizes.

3. The freeflex sports cap will have the form and appearance of a fitted cap while it is invented to provide maximum head comfort and ease in fitting different ranges of head sizes. The present invention will compromise that of claimed in claim 1 and claim 2 and also a bill portion that is connected perpendicular to the said crown.

4. The invention mentioned in claim 1, wherein the sweatband is sewn to the interior base of the said crown portion of the cap. The said sweatband is to made from a predeternined material that is capable of stretching in an outward peripheral direction.

5. A multi sized cap that comforts the individual wearers' head circumference by providing a range of head sizes. Included in this invention is a shell body that forms the crown portion of the cap, a bill connected perpendicular to the said crown that is extended in an outward direction. The front gores that makes up the overall crown is made from a rigid, unstretchable material that provides stability for the cap from collapsing.

6. The predetermined stretchable material will be sewn into the lower interior portion of the invention along the base, wherein this material is capable of stretching in an outward peripheral direction to the said main body shell giving wearers comfort and enjoyment. This predetermined material will stretch along the bottom base of the invention although the entire body shell of the invention will stretch multi-axially without any multi-axially stretchable fabric sewn into the invention.

7. The predetermined stretchable material will be an all weather proof material. Such all weather proof material requires the predetermined material to be water resistant from the sweat of the individual wearer and the surrounding weather.

8. The invention claimed in claims 1 through 7 will be that of a freeflex sports cap that fits the head with total comfort and ease. The predetermined material that is to be sewn onto the base of the invention will be that of a synthetic fabric that consists of the following materials: 51% Cotton 28% Polyester 21% Polyurethane



[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] This invention relates to a stretchable cap which is made of a fabric that stretches both uniaxially and multi-axially so that the constructed cap fits the head of the individual wearer without the inconvenience of adjusting the head size and undo pain or pressure.

[0003] 2. Description of the Prior Art

[0004] Various different types of caps are known in the prior art. For sports and physical activities, the common type of cap must help to sustain maximum head comfort in an all weather atmosphere. It's generally been known that there are a number of different caps that have been available to provide such head comfort. Such caps have used fasteners to accommodate the comfort and head sizes of the individual wearer, In most of the prior art caps, caps have included adjustable buckle straps placed along the back of the hat or a snap arrangement by where the strap consists of holes that snaps directly onto a receiving snap receiver. More often than not, such fasteners are a discomfort to the wearer and causes pain and pressure to the individual. Better fasteners have been available in the prior art. Velcro straps that uses a hook and loop fasteners have been introduced to ease some of the pressure although not all of it. A disadvantage with the Velcro strap is that not only is bothersome, but the fastened element are more often than not undone inadvertently, causing the cap to fall of from the individuals' head. One idea for such a fall out of the cap may be due to the sweat caused by the wearer. During excessive physical exercise or any outdoor activities, the Velcro straps absorbs the sweat from the wearer causing the fastener to break off and the cap falling from the wearers' head. As the strap inadvertently undoes itself for a numerous amount of time during a physical activity, not only will the cap get dirty, but the shell of the cap gets distorted and wrinkled.

[0005] One example of a known multi-size cap that have made great strides in foreseeing this problem is Cho U.S. Pat. No. 5,715,540. In this patent, a free size cap is disclosed to have a woven material that uniaxially stretches in only one direction. In order for the cap to be truly comfortable on the head of the individual and from causing it to fall off from the wearers' head, it is desirable for the cap to be water resistant and both uniaxially and multi-axially stretchable. Yan (U.S. Pat. No. 6,131,202) also foresees the problem by making the cap multi-axially stretchable. The patent claims to have some of the plurality of gores composed of multi-axially stretchable fabric having a stretchable synthetic fiber woven in the warp and weft of the said fabric.

[0006] Although Yan improves the patent made by Cho, Yan does not argue the developments from the cap from faillng down. During any physical exercise, the wearer must be able to concentrate the activity he or she is pursuing without the worries of the cap from falling down from the wearers' head. Yan only argues to alleviate pressure for the individuals' head in his patent.

[0007] In most cases, wearers will most often wear caps that fit completely over the wearers' head. Typically, in cases where the circumference of the wearers' head lies somewhere in between two number size, it does not provide an exact fit. Whether the cap is worn forwards or backwards; the ideal cap must fit perfectly without causing any discomfort to the wearer in due process of any physical activities. In most prior art caps, even including those which considers the stretchable fabric, where the said fabric is uniaxially stretchable; such caps have not been desirable in being comfortable when fitted over the wearers' head and from falling down.


[0008] The present invention is a water resistant freeflex sports cap that is ideal for all sports and physical activities that require total focus and comfort. The invention overcomes the aforementioned disadvantages of the known multi-size caps and of the fixed size style caps. The water resistant freeflex sports cap has an improved construction so as to be capable of fitting wearers having a range of head sizes, The shape and style are substantially similar to the conventional sports cap, and the improvement is a unique stretchable synthetic fabric that stretches in a peripheral outward motion uniaxially and multi-axially. Moreover, this synthetic fabric is water resistant. The said fabric will be sewn into the invention as a sweatband along the base of the cap, although the entire shell of the cap will stretch multi-axially without any multi-axially stretchable fabric sewn directly onto the invention.

[0009] The sweatband of the water resistant freeflex sports cap according to the present invention is manufactured accordingly to the following percentage of material that will provide the stretchiness necessary to fit all head sizes and the ability to be water resistant. The said synthetic fabric used as a sweatband and sewn along the base of the cap will consists of the following material: 51% Cotton, 28% Polyester and 21% Polyurethane. This material will not interfere with the wearers comfort. The greatest significant advantage of this invention is the capability of allowing wearers to wear with ease and comfort a sports cap that they once could not because their head circumference lied somewhere in between two size numbers.


[0010] FIG. 1 is a side view of the cap that is being invented;

[0011] FIG. 2 is a front view of the cap shown in FIG. 1;

[0012] FIG. 3 is a perspective 45° angle view of the cap;

[0013] FIG. 4 is a back view of the cap shown in FIG. 1 with the inside peripheral edge portion.

[0014] FIG. 5 is a back view of the cap. (B) indicates the predetermined synthetic stretchable water resistant fabric sewn as a sweatband in a secured position. (A) compromises of the main body or the shell of the cap having a plurality of gores that forms the crown portion of the cap. The said plurality of gores will stretch multi-axially without any multi-axially stretchable fabric sewn directly onto the invention. The predetermined fabric for (B) is to be composed of a material that consists of 51% Cotton, 28% Polyester and 21% Polyurethane;

[0015] FIG. 6 is the cap shown in FIG. 1 but turned 180°. The water resistant sweat band compromises of the same specification of material said in FIG. 5. The predetermined stretchable synthetic band is constructed and sewn directly onto the bottom base of the circumference of the cap;

[0016] FIG. 7 is a top view of the cap. It shows the invention being capable of stretching in an outward peripheral motion. The shell stretches multi-axially without any multiaxially stretchable material sewn into the body of the invention; and

[0017] FIG. 8 is the same invention as FIG. 7, but turned upside down. The arrows indicates the direction of the stretch motion when the wearer wears the invention. This outward motion will provide the wearer with maximum comfort and stability as the cap moulds with ease with the head of the individual wearer.

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