Combined pillar structure for foldable tent
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A combined pillar structure for the foldable tent comprises a combined pillar and a spring clip. The combined pillar is integrally formed from the plastic material. A controlling rope enters the combined pillar tip by a knot inlet and comes out of the rope outlet, on the combined pillar tip. An outlet for the spring clip, a retainer for the upper nest, a retaining hole for the spring clip and a retaining hole for the lower nest. A groove is outfitted in the central hollow of the combined pillar to receive the spring clip. The spring clip has a spring stop as the first part, a spring bend as the second and a spring stem as the third part. The spring stop extends out of the spring outlet and the spring bend stretches out of the retaining hole. The spring stem lies in the groove.

Lin, Tu (Taichung Hsien, TW)
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What is claimed is

1. A combined pillar structure for the foldable tent comprises: a combined pillar, having an outlet permitting the controlling rope coming out form the central tip of the combined pillar, a knot inlet for the controlling rope to enter the combined pillar, an outlet for spring clip, a retainer for the upper nest, a retaining hole for the spring clip, a lock hole on the lower nest to lock up the combined pillar therein and a central groove in the hollow of the combined pillar; a spring clip having an upper stop, which stretching out of the outlet of the spring clip, and spring bend extending out of the retaining hole for the spring clip, and a spring stem extending backward from the spring bend, the spring clip rests firmly in the groove of the combined pillar.

2. The combined pillar structure of claim 1, wherein the controlling rope enters the combined pillar through the outlet and has a knot at the rope end to be held at the knot inlet.

3. The combined pillar structure of claim 1, wherein the bottom of the combined pillar provides a lower nest and the combined pillar is lock on the lower nest by inserting screw or bolt through the lock hole.



[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] This invention relates to a combined pillar employed on the foldable tent, in particular, an insulated, safe, simplified, low cost and durable combined pillar.

[0003] 2. Description of the Prior Art

[0004] The prior art of the foldable tent as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 is a Umbrella shaped two layer tent for which the applicant has secured a U.S. Pat. No. 5,871,026 (hereinafter referred to as the patented tent.). The patented tent mainly constitutes an upper nest 11, supporting a plurality of the upper primary frame 12 and umbrella vice frame 13 on its periphery. There is a lower nest 14 with a plurality of branching frame 15, having both ends linked with the upper primary frames 12 and umbrella vice frames 13, respectively. A combined pillar 16 with a combined button 17 passes through the central hollow of the lower nest 14 and a controlling rope 18 extends out of the combined pillar 16. In setting up the tent, it only requires to pull the controlling rope 16 outward, the combined button 17 stops at the top of the upper nest 11, and both the upper nest 11 and the lower nest 14 will expand to complete the tent erection, easy for traveling and camping.

[0005] After many years in production of such a foldable tent, the applicant has discovered the existence of major shortcomings as described below:

[0006] 1) The combined pillar, made of metal material, is high conductive. The tent is usually for outdoor activity and camping is all the time situated along the riversides. It has come to the attention of the applicant that whenever a thunder occurs, the combined pillar tip extending out of the tent more than often is the culprit to attract the thunder stroke, causing personal injury and death. The hazard happens frequently on the golf courses.

[0007] 2) The metal combined pillar 16 is easily subjected to corrosion, which shorten the service life of the tent.

[0008] 3) The production process of the metal combined pillar 16 is tedious and complicated, first is to choose adequate metal tube, cut into an adequate section, smooth the rough edge, form the appearance, drill the hole around, and finally proceed the surface treatment such as corrosive protection and electroplating. Eventually it enters the assembly line to hook up the controlling rope. The complication apparently implies high cost both in production and in repair.

[0009] The applicant has worked hard on improving such notable shortcomings and come up a novel improved combined pillar structure for the foldable tent.


[0010] The object of the invention is to provide an improved combined pillar for the foldable tent integrally formed with plastic material, entirely insulted from electrical conductivity and effectively immune to the thunder so to keep safety for the outdoor activities.

[0011] Another object of the invention is provide a simplified method to produce the combined pillar for the foldable tent with less production cost, trouble free, weather-proofing, impact-proofing and long durability.

[0012] Another object of the invention is to provide a combined pillar for the foldable tent in colorful print, the user is in the position to choose the colored combined pillar suiting his personality, style and fashion.


[0013] The drawings disclose an illustrative embodiment of the present invention, which serves to exemplify the various advantages and objects hereof, and are as follows:

[0014] FIG. 1 shows the frame structure of the prior art of the foldable tent.

[0015] FIG. 2 is enlargement of FIG. 1A.

[0016] FIG. 3 shows cross sections of parts of the invention.

[0017] FIG. 4 shows the stereo diagram of the invention.

[0018] FIG. 5 is the schematic diagram of the invention before the erection.

[0019] FIG. 6 is the schematic diagram of the invention in complete erection.

[0020] FIG. 7 shows a protective cap added to the top of the combined pillar of the invention.


[0021] As shown in FIGS. 2 through 4, the new combined pillar 2 is a plastic integrally form hollow pillar with a controlling rope outlet 21 coming out of the top of the pillar 2. The combined pillar 2 provides a knot inlet 22 and a rope outlet 21 for the controlling rope entering the pillar 2 and coming out at the pillar tip. The end of the controlling rope has a knot being held at the knot inlet 22. Under the knot inlet 22, there is an outlet for spring slip 23, and further below, there is a retainer 24 for the upper nest and a retaining hole 25 for the spring clip under the retainer 24. There is a groove 27 in the central hollow of the combined pillar 2 for receiving the spring clip 3. the spring stop 31 extends out of the outlet 23 of the spring clip and the spring bend 32 extends out of the retaining hole 25. The tail of the spring clip form a spring stem firmly resting in the groove 27 of the combined pillar 2.

[0022] As shown in FIGS. 5 through 7, in assembly, the combined pillar 2 joins the lower nest by inserting a bolt or screw through the lock hole 26. The controlling rope 18 will go through the upper nest 11. The user holds the upper nest 11 with one hand and pulls out the controlling rope 18 upward and outward with another hand to force the combined pillar 2 stretching out of the upper nest 11. While the upper nest reaches the retainer 24, the upper stop 31 of the spring clip 3 chokes around the outer perimeter of the retainer 24. A protective cap 19 is provided to cover the combined pillar 2 upon the completion of tent erection. In dismantling tent, just press down the upper stop 31, allowing the combined pillar to slide over the upper nest 11 and the whole tend is folded up.

[0023] The foldable tent provided in the invention is characterized on good insulation, safely immune to the thunder stroke, simplified design, integral form, low production cost, high impact, weather proof, superior durability, printed with various color to match with the tent color and to display personality and style the user cherishes.

[0024] Many changes and modifications in the above described embodiment of the invention, of course, be carried out without departing from the scope thereof. Accordingly, to promote the progress in science and the useful arts, the invention is disclosed and intended only by the scope of the appended claims.