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The Car Seat Cooler is a fabric cover that will stretch entirely over a child's sit up position car seat. The purpose is to block the sun's harmful rays from heating up the dark plastic and metal used in the construction of car seats, heating up to temperatures so high, that it can cause severe discomfort and burning to a child's skin. The Car Seat Cooler will not cool down the car seat but will block out the sun's rays, keeping it cooler so that a child can be safely placed into a car seat that has been sitting under the sun. The Car Seat Cooler will be stored safely in a storage bag when it is not in use.

Blackler, Sherry Lee (New Ipswich, NH, US)
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B60N2/28; B60N2/60; (IPC1-7): A47C31/00
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1. What I, Sherry L. Blackler, claim, as my invention is The Car Seat Cooler. The Car Seat Cooler is a fabric cover that will be stretched entirely over a child's sit up position car seat, that will help block out the sun's harmful rays. The Car Seat Cooler consists of Sun Repel material, which is a lightweight breathable material, a polyester mesh window placed in the middle for ventilation and safety. The Car Seat Cooler will be stored rolled up compactly in a Sun Repel fabric storage bag, Velcro to the top of the car seat, with two hanging nylon strips with Velcro that can be attached to the back plastic on the car seat for added strength.



[0001] The relative field for this invention is “Child Safety”. More specifically as it relates to child safety car seats for older toddlers and young children. As these safety seats are much larger than those made for infants, they are specifically designed to be left in the car instead of toting back and forth between the residence and vehicle.

[0002] These safety seats for older children consist of higher levels of plastic and heavy metal on cross straps. Temperatures within a vehicle rise rapidly when left unopened such as during one's working hours. Summer temperatures in particular can and do rise quickly above one hundred (100) degrees within the vehicles interior.

[0003] Placing a small child into a car seat left baking in the hot sun all day can cause not only severe discomfort, but also bums on tender young flesh.

[0004] Upon extensive investigation I was unable to locate any product that is specifically designed to keep the child seat cool while inside the vehicle. Nor was I able to locate any such product with a “patent pending”.


[0005] Given the use of both metal and heavy duty plastic in the construction of safety seats for toddlers and younger children there is an obvious need for a product that can effectively keep the seat cooler from the sun's harmful rays. My invention, “The Car Seat Cooler” is specifically designed to meet this need. It consists of a heavy-duty sun repellant material that stretches over the entire car seat effectively blocking out the sun and harmful UVB rays. While the safety seat is in use, it rolls compactly in an easy to use storage bag, also made with sun repel material and fastens out of the way at the upper back of the car seat with Velcro.


[0006] “The Car Seat Cooler” consists of a fabric cover made to fit all sit-up position safety car seats for children. The specific purpose is to protect the safety seat by blocking out the sun and resultant heat build up on both plastic and metal surfaces.

[0007] The Car Seat Cooler's demo consisted of sport cotton but was later replaced with Sun Repel Fabric, which is a lightweight, breathable material that blocks out 99% of the UBV rays. The Car Seat Cooler has a polyester mesh located in the front center of the fabric for ventilation purposes, and a heavy duty elastic band sewn around the edges so as to fit snugly over any size seat. Velcro, sports zipper and thick nylon cord is used in the construction of the storage bag. The bag is also made with the Sun Repel material.

[0008] The Car Seat Cooler will be stored rolled up compactly in an easy to use storage bag. The storage bag is eight and a half inches long, four and a half inches tall, two and a half inches deep. It's construction starts at the top with a fourteen-inch sports zipper, with two sixteen inch long, one and a half inch wide Sun Repel material stripes, folded and sewn to both sides of the zipper. Two rounded cut pieces, nine and half inches wide and eight inches tall, is sewn to the straps of the zipper, tapered at both corners to give it a round top. Both rounded pieces are folded in at the bottom with two fourteen and a half inch long, one-inch thick nylon strips hanging out. Sewn across to complete and close the bag, leaving three inches of the nylon cord to be left in the bag and eleven and a half inches hanging out. The two nylon strips left in the bag are joined together with a six-inch nylon strip, sewn with Velcro, sewn to both strips resembling a bridge. This bridge type nylon strips are for the Car Seat Cooler itself can easily be able to attach to the storage bag and detach for cleaning. The Car Seat Cooler needs to be attached to the car seat itself, this is done by a six inch by two-inch industrial strength Velcro sewn to the bottom of the storage bag, also a six inch by two inch industrial strength Velcro is glued to the top of the car seat's own fabric. The two eleven and a half inch nylon strips that are left hanging, are sewn at the end tips with a one inch by two inch Velcro for extra attaching support that can be attached to the back of the car seat itself.

[0009] The Car Seat Cooler itself starts with a piece of Sun Repel material, cut with a fourteen inch top cut out to thirty six inch down, with a rounded fat middle forty one inch wide; cut thin again to thirty six inch, cut to a fourteen-inch bottom. The top of the Car Seat Cooler is folded to the backside one inch, and sewn across forming a lip. A six-inch by one inch Velcro strip is sewn into the middle of folded top lip, this Velcro is in place for the attachment to the storage bag. The bottom is also folded in to the backside one inch and sewn. Twelve inches from the top, in the middle, a ten-inch by five-inch box is cut out, and replaced with a ten and a half inch by five and a half inch polyester mesh, that is sewn in. This polyester mesh looks like a window and serves like a window for ventilation and safety. Both sides are folded in from top to bottom, folded in at a half inch with a thirty nine inch elastic in the middle of the fold and sewn in, both sides.

[0010] At the top, both sides are folded in one and a half inches, sewn, to taper in for better fitting of the car seat, leaving the top to measure at eleven inches. At the bottom, both sides are also folded in one and a half inches, sewn, to taper in for better fitting of the bottom of the car seat, leaving the bottom to measure at eleven inches. This completes the Car Seat Cooler.

[0011] With the storage bag attached to the top of the car seat itself, it can be unzipped with one hand, the Car Seat Cooler taken out and stretched over the entire car seat. Then, folded and rolled up compactly into the storage bag. This is out of reach of any child.

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