Dynamite arms
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This invention involves pulling weights attached to the floor side of a cable. The cable circles around two pulleys with a handle at the other end to pull down the weight. The arm rests on a cushioned table top and the arm and hand pull the handle from a vertical position to a horizontal position to increase muscle tone and strength. The pull movement of the hand, wrist, elbow, tricep, bicep, shoulder, neck and back are directly related to the design of the machine to improve strength and muscle for general good health, muscle building, arm wrestling and body building. A head band attachment also allows the user to increase muscle tone in the neck, face, and back by lifting the weights in the same fashion from the far end of the table. The weights are adjustable from 10 to 150 pounds and the end result is that as your muscle tone improves, you can add more weight until the desired lift is achieved and your body strength has improved. My technology specifically challenges a series of muscles in the arm that are not used with any other piece of equipment.

O'donnell, Paul (Webster, MA, US)
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A63B21/072; (IPC1-7): A63B21/00
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1. the ornamental; design for Dynamite Arms as shown and described. I have researched many gyms, health spas, magazines, etc. and have found no product that resembles or performs specifically what Dynamite Arms does in terms of design. I believe that this product is one of a kind. The design of my invention simulates arm wrestling and I believe it forces the use of upper arm and shoulder muscles that is not promoted in any other exercise device. I claim that this invention will improve a series of muscles in the arms, upper body, neck, back and shoulders with regular use. Exercises a series of muscles in the forearm, biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest, face and neck that are not used in any other exercise device such as in gymnasiums and the use of home devices.

[0001] The construction of “Dynamite Arms” is based on a table made of iron/steel legs with a steel constructed frame and padding on the top. One side of the table features a round steel cylinder for gripping and the other end of the table—the main part of the product—features a steel rod welded with two grooved pullies at the top to lift the weights. A cable is run over the grooved pullies with a hand grip at the table end and a round steel constructed rod on the floor side for the weights to be added and taken off. There is an s-hook at the base for easy removal and addition of weights. The weights are standard round weights in 10 and 20 pound increments and the user can increase or decrease the weights according to his/her ability. At the hand-grip end of the cable is another lock hook for removal of the hand grip. The hand grip is used to pull the cable and weights at the other end, on the floor. The second feature of the table is the addition of a chain device where the hand grip was. The chain device is then connected to a mesh headpiece at the far end (steel gripping device end). This is an additional feature of the invention to exercise the face, neck and back muscles by pulling the attached weights with one's head. The amount of weight pulled is determined and adjusted by the user.

[0002] FIG. 1—Table—base of Dynamite Arms equipment

[0003] FIG. 2—Welded construction steel where pullies are attached with cable to lift weights

[0004] FIG. 3—Unassembled pieces of FIG. 2

[0005] FIG. 4—Mechanism at bottom of cable to hold weights

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