Portable innerspring mattress renovating kit for consumer end use
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The Portable Renovating Kit for renovating innerspring mattress by consumer provides components for restoring their used mattress. Consumer is to rip away mattress cover (ticking) and all filling materials—leaving only the innerspring coil mattress unit for use in rebuilding mattress.

Kit contains two polyester pads for insulation and padding over coiled innerspring unit on top and bottom sleeping sides—over a border wire assembled around the perimeter of the coiled innerspring unit. The polyester pad extension leaves a flange past the border wire—the flange of polyester pad is tucked into the coil unit around the perimeter of the innerspring unit.

Contains two slabs of urethane foam cushioning material in a dimension extending past the edges of padded innerspring unit that leaves a flange of pad.

The flange of urethane foam cushioning material is to be folded over perimeter edges of top and bottom sleeping sides and tucked into the coil springs.

A cut and sewn textile fabric mattress cover panels—quilted or stitched through a layer of urethane foam cushioning material into textile sheeting for top and bottom sleeping surfaces.

The top and bottom stitched or quilted panels are sewn with binding tape to a pre-built fabric border that has been quilted or sewn through urethane foam into sheeting.

The pre-built border is cut and sewn to fit around the peripheral sidewall of the mattress—with a zipper joining a top half of border and lower half of border.

The zipper has a tab for opening and closing mattress cover around the border with stops to the four ends of zipper. The mattress cover will be shipped to consumer pre-zipped to assure proper fit for assembly.

William Jr., Eugene Taymon (Katy, TX, US)
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A47C27/00; A47C27/04; A47C27/05; (IPC1-7): A47C31/00; A47C23/04
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William E. Taymon (Katy, TX, US)

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A Portable Renovating Kit for consumers to restore their used and/or damaged innerspring mattress with all new material including new cut and sewn mattress cover (ticking) using consumers used innerspring unit. Complete contents for rebuilding consumers innerspring mattress will be in a carry away case.

2. Portable Renovating Kit contents will restore consumers used and/or damaged innerspring mattress to meet all bedding laws in the United States of America including California code 117 flame retardant requirements as well as complying with flame retardant laws for commercial and institutional usage.

3. Portable Renovating Kit will reduce the amount of space used in landfills in the disposal of consumers used mattresses if a replacement mattress is purchased versus renovating the current used and/or damaged mattress and would save public funds in handling.

4. Portable Renovating Kit will restore consumers used and/or damaged mattress at a fraction of the cost of replacing with a new mattress of equal quality.

5. Portable Renovating Kit contents on inspection and handling will allow an individual who acquire one kit or a CEO of a large hotel group who may acquire many kits, confidence that they will receive a restored mattress or mattresses of which they and hotel customers will be delighted.

6. The Portable Renovating Kit will restore damaged innerspring mattress contaminated with communicable diseases, from poor hygienic conditions, bedwetting, mildew and any other damage.



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[0004] The invention relates to renovating used and/or damaged innerspring mattresses from a portable kit containing all components required for rebuilding a mattress with all new materials using the coiled innerspring unit from a used and/or damaged mattress.

[0005] The invention was developed as an avenue for consumers to renovate their used and/or damaged innerspring mattress to a quality product meeting all current bedding laws and safety requirements. All of this can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of new mattress of equal quality.

[0006] A conventional innerspring mattress contains a multi coil unit with border wire attached to outer edges of coil springs. The innerspring coiled unit is covered with insulator pad over each surface of innerspring unit, over the insulator pads is padding of various components, over top and bottom sleeping surfaces are applied a textile fabric which is attached to a border (usually pre-built with two handles of various types) with binding tape from a tape edge machine driven around table supporting mattress for closer.

[0007] For renovating, a sharp instrument is to be used for cutting around center of border the entire circumference of mattress including handles if any, remove cover including border (ticking) for disposal. Remove the padding including insulator pads for disposal. The remaining innerspring coiled unit is used in the renovating process.

[0008] The renovating kit contains a precut, pre-sewn cover with border with a zipper that connects both sleeping surfaces to be applied over new insulator pad and padding, zip closed for use.


[0009] The innerspring mattress renovation kit is a new product for restoring used and/or damaged innerspring mattresses that might be one month, one year or ten years old. Mattresses are usually but not limited to damage from deteriorated padding under sleeping surface, that can leave sleepless periods and aching muscles, bedwetting, mildew, soil from sickness and may be contaminated with disease and any other damage.

[0010] The kit contains all new quality material for totally renovating an innerspring mattress. The contents to be used by consumer will allow consumers to restore a mattress with confidence.

[0011] The innerspring mattress renovating kit is packed in a carry away package from retail sources in a lightweight package and a dimension to fit in an automobile trunk or on inside seat. The contents in the kit will complete the project with no used material required except for the innerspring unit.

[0012] The renovating kit with all new materials will meet all bedding laws and insurance requirements in all states.

[0013] The invention is for household and commercial use. The kit contains items that meet all flammability requirements. The textile fabric used in the manufacturing of top and bottom sleeping surfaces are bound to border with reinforced tape meeting flammability standards.


[0014] FIG. 1 a cutaway view of an innerspring mattress showing the make up of the mattress as indicated in the invention.

[0015] FIG. 2 the top view showing cover and end view showing zipper for opening and closing mattress as indicated in the invention.

[0016] FIG. 3 a cutaway view of a mattress innerspring unit with a zipper around the entire border for opening and closing that is attached to sleeping surfaces cover (ticking). The border is attached to sleeping surfaces with reinforced binding tape as indicated in the invention.


[0017] In FIG. 1 the Portable Renovating Kit contains two insulator pads 8 made from polyester fibers by a garnet machine with the fibers treated with latex binder in a size with flange extending over border wire of the innerspring unit 3 with the flange tucked into the coil spring edges, which make up the innerspring unit. The pads are to be placed and secured by tucking into coil springs on both sleeping surfaces.

[0018] Two cushioning material pads 1 manufactured of flame retardant urethane foam with flange around perimeter of innerspring unit. The flange to be inserted into the edges of the coil springs around the perimeter of the innerspring unit to secure on both sleeping surfaces.

[0019] The mattress cover will be offered in quilted and unquilted styles. The mattress cover 4 is textile fabric. The top and bottom sleeping surfaces of the cover are cut to accommodate an underlay sewn around the perimeter of the cut fabric. The top and bottom sleeping surface fabric of the quilted style is placed onto a flame retardant urethane foam slab 1 with added dimension to allow for shrinkage when quilted. The top and bottom sleeping surface fabric of the unquilted style is placed onto a flame retardant urethane foam slab with added dimension to allow for overhang. Under the urethane foam 2 is sheeting unhemmed to the size of cut urethane foam. This make up forms a sandwich of top and bottom sleeping surfaces to foam and sheeting. On the quilted style, the sandwiched material is stitched or quilted in patterns desired. A mattress border 6 is cut to the desired width in a textile fabric of coordinating color and design. The fabric is stitched or quilted and hemmed on both edges through a pre-built border machine in lengths for size mattress required in a width desired for both quilted and unquilted styles. Two duplicate lengths of the pre-built border are cut to finish the required dimension for attaching to the top and bottom sleeping surface fabric.

[0020] The two lengths of pre-built border which has been cut to the dimension required is connected together down the center with a zipper 5 which has a tab for opening and closing the zipper and the zipper will have inserts and corner stops leaving allowance for the closing of the pre-built border. The pre-built border will not have attached handles of any type because handles are notorious for ripping off and ripping holes in mattress borders. The sleeping surface fabric will be attached to the border, which has been pre-zipped with fire retardant binding tape 7 around the perimeter of both sleeping surfaces. The cut and sewn mattress cover is to be unzipped leaving top and bottom sleeping sections separated. One section of the mattress cover is applied to one side of the sleeping surface of the innerspring unit. Turn the covered side over and apply the second cut and sewn cover over the cushioned innerspring unit. Zip closed. The renovating is complete and ready for use.