SureQix Pop Up Drain
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The SureQix Pop Up Drain assembly for lavatory sinks or gravity drained containers is disclosed, and developed by research conducted at http:/www.aquaista. com. When energized by an electrical pulse width triggered by detection sensors, an electric motor drives a mechanical arm connected to the pop up drain plug, prompting said pop up drain plug to impel upward, unsealing the pop up drain plug. The pop up drain plug is sealed closed by a second sensory detection, creating a second pulse width energizing the motor that drives the pop up drain plug downward, sealing the pop up drain plug. When operated manually, without the aid of an electronic motor. The pop up drain plug can be sealed or unsealed by applying slight pressure with the index finger to the exposed end of the pivot rod.

Franke, Craig Robert (San Antonio, TX, US)
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E03C1/23; (IPC1-7): E03C1/23
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Craig R. Franke (Lake Ozark, MO, US)

I claim:

1. The SureQix Pop Up Drain plug, quick connect assembly for use in lavatory sinks configured for use with pop up drain plugs, the assembly primary consisting of: a sensing device; a CPU circuit; a control box; a actuator motor; a pivot chamber; a pivot rod; a pop up drain plug.

2. The assembly of claim 1, wherein the pop up drain plug assembly pipe is mounted inside, attaching to the drain hole opening of a lavatory sink.

3. The assembly of claim 1, wherein the sensing devise for detecting the presence of passive hand movement is mounted on an electronic faucet.



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[0005] The SureQix Pop Up Drain pertains to pop up drain plug assemblies found attached to lavatory sinks, and other fluid dispensing containers. More closely identified with standard pop up drain plug assembles manufactured prospectively for manually operation.


[0006] Earlier attempts to automate a dump valve have adopted methods of adapting electric solenoids as the driving mechanism, See foreign Pat. 0-487-215-A2, Others have utilized solenoids to actuate drain valves situated within a drain pipe. See U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,363,519, 4,945,579. Many of these methods raise concern by creating a potential risk exposure to electrical connections that may succumb to the dangers of moisture over time found within the pipe cavity itself. The end result is seemingly electrical short circuit, shock or fire hazard which may trace back to the electrical supply source. Categorically, other primitive methods have employed the uses of complex piping and pressurized amalgamations to rise a valve of another type known as a hermetically sealed valve. Please see foreign Pat. DE-4241023-A1. This presents a number of installation issues by U.S. customs and standards. More particularly, where the introduction of a liquid medium is used in place of electricity. A more significant contribution to this field of art was the introduction of an ac/dc motor that operates in forward and reverse, by polarity manipulation, thereby raising and lowering a pop up drain plug. See U.S. Pat. Pending 091460/807. However, this assembly requires the use of push rods, pivot collars, yokes and other sophisticated linkage along with precise adjustments to operate. Categorically, electric valve assemblies seemingly share and suffer from many of the same deficiencies as others including, but not limited to; (1) sophisticated or cumbersome assembly processes; (2) Costly maintenance and repair via complex assemblies; (3) Lack of manual safety features; (4) not typically designed or easily retrofitting on conventional pop up drain plug assemblies; (5) inefficient, outdated techniques and methodologies.

[0007] Wherefore, a need exits for an improved, electronic pop up drain plug assembly, as a means of overcoming many of the deficiencies and shortcomings reflected in this field of art.


[0008] The SureQix Pop Up Drain allows for an automated method of raising and lowering an otherwise manual pop up drain plug assembly found on lavatory sinks, by use of sensors that respond to the detection of passive hand movement. Wherein if the presence's of hand movement is detected an electrical pulse width is transmitted to a motor which provides the mechanical thrust necessary to effectively rise and lower the pop up drain plug. A pivot rod connected to a pop up drain plug at one end and placed through a hole opening on the extended arm of the motor at the opposite end operate to a low to high position on longitudinal axis to a circular center pivot point. The circular center pivot point on the pivot rod is mounted between a rubber O-ring, male threaded dished shaped drain pipe pivot hole opening and female threaded dished shape pivot hole chamber. These components come together to form the backbone of the invention.

[0009] This in effect allows the pivot rod to move freely from one latitudinal axis point to the another while preventing a back flow of liquid into the pivot chamber from the drain pipe by virtue of the rubber O-ring.

[0010] For visualization purposes the invention is representative in the unassembled primary sum of its parts to best illustrate the ease and simplicity of assembly.

[0011] Insomuch as the manual operation of the invention, the pivot rod extents through and beyond the pivot chamber allowing the user to grasp the protruding end of the pivot rod. This allows the user to manually apply a slight upward pressure with the index finger to the protruding pivot rod to seal the pop up drain plug, or a slight downward pressure to unseal the pop up drain plug.

[0012] Hence, the object of the invention should establish an improved automated pop up drain plug design that:

[0013] a) is durable, and simple to operate;

[0014] b) is child safe and user friendly;

[0015] c) designed to open and close both manually and electronically;

[0016] d) is inexpensive to manufacture, install and adjust;

[0017] e) can easily be adapted or retrofitted onto conventional assemblies;

[0018] f) will operate on both a battery supply and/or AC adapter; and

[0019] g) is environmentally friendly and light weight.

[0020] The aforementioned objects and advantages of the SureQix Pop Up Drain will become more evident from the description which follows.

[0021] Wherein, reference is made to the attached drawing which forms a part hereof, and incorporated herein. This drawing depicts, by illustration the preferred embodiments of the invention. The embodiments do not represent the full scope of the invention. Reference should therefore be made to the claims herein for interpreting the scope of the invention.


[0022] FIG. 1

[0023] 1. Illustrates sensor embodied on electronic faucet;

[0024] 2. Illustrates the pop up drain plug mechanism;

[0025] 3. Illustrates the pop up drain pipe;

[0026] 4. Illustrates pivot rod insertion point;

[0027] 5. Illustrates pivot rod center of balance;

[0028] 6. Illustrates pivot rod insertion point;

[0029] 7. Illustrates pivot rod chamber;

[0030] 8. Illustrates expanding arm of actuator;

[0031] 9. Illustrates the ac/dc motor actuator;

[0032] 10. Illustrates the control box.


[0033] When a motion sensor located at 1 detects the presence of passive hand movement within its direct or peripheral window of vision, a signal is transmitted to a digitally control box 10 Circuit design “© 1999 Aquaista” (17 U.S.C. 401) causing the electronic arm 8 of the actuator 9 connected to the pivot rod insertion point 6 of which pivot rod insertion point 4 of the opposite end connects to pop up drain plug 2, and secured by the pivot chamber 7 automated by an ac-dc electric motor of the same electronic arm 8 to either contract or expand. This contraction or expansions of the electronic arm connected to the pop up drain plug 2 creates a lavation effect at a center pivot point 5. A downward movement or expansion of the electronic arm 8 causes to create an equal and opposite reaction upon the position of the pivot rods center of balance 5. A downward movement or expansion of the electronic arm 8 forces to cause the pivot rod center of balance to shift to a higher position. As downward force is applied to the pivot rod insertion point 6 of 4 and 5 a rising effect gives way at the pivot rod position point 4 of 5 and 6 causing the pivot rod position point 4 to rise, and the pop up drain plug 2 to rise, or opening of the pop up drain plug 2. An equal and opposite reaction by the electronic arm 8 has the effect of rising, or opening the pop up drain plug 2.