Universal / fashionable one sheet adaptable cap covering (holl) for ceiling fans paddles / blades / arms and complete wingspread, 1
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A simply wonderful brief lightweight percale cloth ceiling fan cover, efficient, suitable, appealing, practical in fit, attractive, safe, simple to construct, one step, machine washable, care easy and tumble dry, simple to construct manufacture, cost effective, all in one piece unit cloth ceiling fan cover, designed for all types of ceiling fan paddles/blades. No complicated instructions! The properties hidden or other wise, found or placed in this utility and design leaves no concerns in any of the following areas; mass production, fit, packaging, storage, adequate fitting, tight form, profit worthy, sells, fin, fantasy, fantasia and long term durance and endurance. This cover is easy to pull on and off the paddles/blades with little to no effort, placing a little more feeling into America's homes, businesses, rooms, and hearts.

White, Lisa (Raleigh, NC, US)
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F04D25/08; F04D29/38; (IPC1-7): B63H1/00
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Ms. Lisa White-Burnett (Raleigh, NC, US)

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A Lightweight “Percale Cotton” cloth ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade which is designed to function as a complete set, when more than one is made, uniform to create a look alike set, match a room, express a complete thought or decorating idea, is extending beyond the and joined by a metal or plastic decorative arm attached by the means of screws to the turning mechanism outside the main motor parts of the enter workings of a ceiling fan, said fan paddle/blade cover comprising: a oblong shaped design having a outside edge to wit defining the boundary lines of the main body having an identifiable outside surface and an inside surface, said outside surface is surged to prevent unraveling of the said outside edge, said surged edge protecting the said oblong shape from unraveling and creating a stronger foundation, thereby preparing the said outside edge for an elastic band; an elastic band, said elastic band connected by thread to the inside surface to provide a elastic circumference which adheres to the said paddle/blade, said elastic circumference has two cut and unfinished ends, said cut and unfinished ends are bar tacked at the most narrow end of the said oblong shape; a bar tack seal, said bar tack creates a governor and a seal which is made of a triple double stitch providing a wall of strength and an avenue of permanent juncture for the strong and continuous opposing pull which will occur when the said oblong shape and said elastic is adhering to the said paddle/blade and the said paddle/blade creates a “g” force while in circular operation; the said bar tacked cut ends, connecting the two elastic bands said cut ends, which are also attached to the said lightweight percale cotton oblong shape also is comprised of a thin unbroken elastic strap, which connects side to side supporting the appearance, shape and the look of the said ceiling fan cover, the said strap is bar tacked in the center most center of the said cover and is held in that manner during the application of the cover.

2. The method of constructing a “Lightweight Percale Cotton” cloth ceiling fan cover for a fan paddle/blade, said method comprising the steps of: cutting a oblong shape design, said design having an outside edge and a main body, said main body having an outside surface and an inside surface, said design cut into a oblong shape, said design being made of “Lightweight Percale Cotton” a durable, welcoming, long lasting, adaptable; said “Lightweight Percale Cotton” outside edge surged to prevent unraveling of said edge and the creation of said stronger foundation; sewing the elastic band to the inside surface of the said cover 1. and the said oblong shape; placing a triple double bar tack stitch in the most narrow end creating a wall of strength, a avenue of permanent juncture, a governor and a seal; bar tacking an unbroken strap in the center most center part of the said cover 1 and the said oblong shape, forming a completion of the said cover 1.

3. The “Lightweight Percale Cotton” ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 1 wherein said design is oblong.

4. The “Lightweight Percale Cotton” ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 2 wherein said outside edge of said design is sewn to said main body.

5. The “Lightweight Percale Cotton” ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 3 wherein said design is fabricated from “Lightweight Percale Cotton” the best and most durable, multitask, and cost efficient fabric which will conform to all shapes, cut well, not slide, adjoins with other materials best, matches well, and easiest to find, transports well, stores well, manufactures and fit after production all types of designed edges.

6. The “Lightweight Percale Cotton” ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 4 wherein said design is fabricated from a fabric which can be advertised on, dye, imitated, duplicated, copies, holds up to heat and dirt well, and suitable for any room or matching expensive to inexpensive linens, silks, satin, rayon, synthetics materials.

7. The “Lightweight Percale Cotton” ceiling fan cover for a ceiling fan paddle/blade of claim 5 wherein the center strap is bar tacked in the center most center of the cover for the supporting and maintaining the appearance, shape, look of the ceiling fan paddle/blade while the cover is attached and the said paddle/blade is in circular operation.

8. The method of not cutting the elastic strap used in the center most center, an leaving it in whole piece. The method of bar tacking the strap to the said cover from side to side.

9. The method of bar tacking the two elastic cut ends for creating a governor and seal.

10. The method of using a bar tack to create a pivotal point, a stop.

11. The method of using one of the said covers on each paddle/blade available on a ceiling fan in a persons environment to form a set for a uniform matching for a look, complete a thought or decorating ideal in a room or on a ceiling fan.

12. The method of applying an elastic band around the outside edge of the outside surface, to create a spontaneous function, attaching the said cover to the paddle/blade.

13. The method of using no objects outside the fabric and woven materials field.



[0001] The paddle/blade invented and developed for the use of moving and stopping, is known to be constructed out of various types of woods, plastics, metals and a combination thereof. This useful creation over time became the foundation of some of the most popular products we've used across the country and world today. This single item the “paddle/blade” used in a set of two or more, created simple and wonderful products for us overall. The paddle/blade invention market over time became beneficial to persons and the worlds economy for instance; “The Wingspread” set in a formations to bring us all types of household fans, namely the “Ceiling Fan”. The fan also gave us the ability to heat up, exhaust, and expel foul odors and poisonous gases, fumes and toxins, allowing us to breathe and move freely. The wingspread also helped mankind to create beautiful things such as; “The Windnill” “The Outboard Motor” “The Rudders” “The Propellers” and now generically “Ceiling Fan Cover”.

[0002] All the above items have been affected by the elements surrounding us. Designers and alike have developed covers and cases to protect, store, provide safety and preserve beauty. Many mistakes and errors had been made in the prior year before their success.

[0003] History has shown and proven itself in this area also to wit; too bulky, too tight, too heavy, no substantial purpose, useless, too expensive, worthless, too lame, too many gimmicks, failures, construction too difficult, too precise, not precise enough, stupid, lacking logic, hazards and simply money makers. There can only one perfect cover, one that fits and works with successful results, having “no negative cause and affect”, scenarios, results or situation, having a steps/claims better than the prior arts. Normally the covers found in the above paragraphs, are the ones which can not be afforded or found on the market, there certainly are reasons why.

[0004] Covers are the main devices used in prevention and beauty. They have to provided protection in all, especially in the area of a consumers. This invention, happens to be one of them, providing no potential harm or hazards. This cover is safe, one which will bring about harmony with the paddle/blades/entire fan and room, love of beauty, peace of mind, happiness in spirit, conversation, security and pleasure. Covers are perfect for everything they simply need to “fit just right” and not provided as a oddity or a gimmick which is shown or proven to be useless, troubling, thought provoking, too complex, weird, unfamiliar, the wrong size “too big, too small” or simply a refindable item. The best covers have to be easy, non-taxing, lightweight for indoor use and heavy for outdoor use, categorized correctly, flexible but not flimsy, practical and not useless, quick, fast, simple, without fasteners and sealants or glues. A cover is design to cover that, that a individual can see and elements can attack. This invention has satisfied all these areas and provided a lot more indirectly. This invention shows the most improvements in this field. In comparison and consideration to the prior art in this field, this “Ceiling Fan Cover is the “lightest”, using the least amount of fabric and the “lightest” form of fabric/thread on the market, without sacrificing beauty. Percale cotton, durable, stylish, cost effective and not over priced. Most tolerant, absorbent to flame retardant chemicals, great for receiving dyes, and “glow in the dark matter”. Lightweight, immeasurable in beauty and adaptability, cooperative with other fabric's and demonstrating the least amount of resistant and failures.

[0005] The “Ceiling Fan” a popular item found everywhere began in the in the 1800 hundreds. A well know company know as “Emerson Electric's”, has been leading this field and doing so for more than 100 years producing as many as 3 billion. This appliance can be purchased in a price range of $12.00 to over $600.00. Successful as this product has been in the retail market, their has been draw backs, frustrations and injuries.

[0006] This invention has a remarkable application time and reproduction time. Two minutes to reproduce and five seconds to apply to the paddle/blade, this was necessary to reduce the “window” opened for injuries while applying and manufacturing. Ceiling fans moving easily, the fastest way to apply a cover, is normally the pull on/pull off and “forget about it” enjoy. This invention demonstrates and possesses this quality, to decrease injury and hardships. Ceilings fans are fragile, and need a light, easy hand when attending to the cleansing and covering of them. Ceiling fans are balance perfectly, set at a deg to distribute the air evenly, efficiently and quickly without drag.

[0007] Some of the properties in this fan cover is as follows; a weight so perfect, it does not create a drag notable to the eye and to the physic of the fan. A cover so tight, light and well built that it is unnoticeable as a cover. A cover so light it will not induce a imbalance in it's application. A cover so conservative in it's fashion and design, accomplishing the goals of a cover and still achieving a low cost, which stands at a production cost of under $1.00 and distribution cost as low as $5.00. A cover so intelligent and perfect, it will work, not alone, along side, but with the ceiling fan and in cooperation as not to disturb the mechanics of the fan nor the longevity or guarantee/warranty. Prior art/covers invented in this field of endeavor can not speak of this honesty. Prior art in this field was also duplicated to bring forth a demonstration as to their effectiveness.

[0008] The findings are in the areas of weight, materials, beauty, longevity, adaptability, elasticity, affordability, speed, manufacturing, safety, effectiveness and appeal were looked at. The prior art was found to be too heavy, which decreased the speed, added drag, create friction, created wear on the motor parts and in the long term destroy the ceiling fan, overall they were looked upon as too risky.

[0009] A statements derived by a great thinker holds true in this field of endeavors “LESS IS MORE” meaning in this area “the least amount placed on a ceiling fan, the more productivity you will receive out of the fan!”, avoiding injury to the product and to the producers of the ceiling fan cover “industry”, which will evolve based upon the success and the avoidance of failures and recalls! “MORE IS LESS” meaning in this area “the more weight you place on a moving object such as the said type of fan, the slower it becomes”, producing in this area a lost in the ceiling fans productivity, therefore a lost in this area all together.

[0010] These breeze giving gifts and decorating potentials are found everywhere. The background of this invention is important, along with the industry it's pertains too.

[0011] Ceiling fans paddles/blades are in the billions. This cover eliminates the replacement cost which can range in the area of $63.00 to $104.00.

[0012] A search in the area of ceiling fans found them to be in the following places, to wit; homes/cottages/bars/apartments nursing homes/schools/businesses/offices/patios/porches clubs/dance halls/mobile homes/motors homes/condos townhouse/beach houses/restaurants/stores retail/retail outlets/senior citizen homes/gyms/garages/weight rooms pool halls pool rears/locker rooms/hospitals/day cares/flats bungalows/camp grounds/military bases/dormitories/cafeterias lobby's/hotels/motels/hair salons/barber shops convenient stores/party liners ships cruise liners/resort and the list goes of Ceiling fan covers will add life and protection to all rooms and a lift to it's decor.


[0013] In reference to this newly improved ceiling fan cover. Measures added and performed, safety, logic and reasoning up graded to create the best cover household ceiling fans operating in American homes/offices/businesses. These attempts have been successful and less costly then the former/previous introduced. Improvements have been made in all areas. Area's of concern and improvement are as follows; 1. Lowering cost to production and public 2. Safety to persons and ceiling fans while in motion/operation 3. Closures eliminated 4. Appeal to a broad/diversified audience concerning manufacturing methods 5. Speed when applying and retracting ref. to paddle/blade 6. Weight reduction made suitable 7. Omitted adjustments application onto paddle/blade 8. Heighten concept with wisdom 9. Omitted gimmicks to indications/signage 10. Simplifying manufacturing 11. Reconstructed a design suitable to all fans and their purpose 12. Utility with to a simple understanding 13. Wholesale and Marketing price made practicability. 14. Shorten lobbyist time 15. Reduced all logistic 16. Shorten scope 17. Speeding up manufacturing time 18. Creating and made an overall appealing product.

[0014] With these new improvements, you will see more benefits throughout the covers performance as it is place, covering, removed and reapplied, are no additions. The lowering of cost and the subtraction many unnecessary steps/processes/directions in reference to the use of natural and synthetic of materials to make this cover. This cover is more affordable and easier to apply and remove over and over again, in comparison to the previous covers. Covering the ceiling fan paddles/blades with ease is the pinnacle scope of any cover devised. And the main thrust of every patentable ideal, creation, discovery or invention brought forth, ease should be the premiere scope and number one ingredient.

[0015] This cover was designed with a no non-sense approach for mass reproduction. Logic and consideration in packaging was of one the main concerns, this applies to the (liability concerns) weight of each cover, understanding compliances with storage space, purchasing, distribution in a bulk fashion, and sales and profitable margin.

[0016] In reference to the operation and closing methods in the previous patent's, you will not find those methods in this cover, these measures/steps/claims/instruments have all been eliminated thus refining cover to a quicker, less pain staking, no brainier, fun to have around the house/office/business item. These are the differences which elevates and separates this invention from the previous inventions, along with establishing itself as a independence functioning article which is strong, easy to handle and longer lasting (having no attached or replacement parts) such as; things/ends to tightening, pulling, snapping, hooking, pass through strings belonging to a sewn in passage, special cut-out pieces to button, stretch/scratch/scrap or whole synthetics material design especially developed for odd shape nouns (polyester blends/polyester/spandex) to fit snug any oddly shape noun (note, this material is limited to fashions, colors, styles, toughness, heat drying, extended pulling, dispensing old oil that has gathered debris during it's operation) the cover to fit, Velcro connecting to close or taper for a perfect fit, additional or unique sizing cutting before sewing, folding, venting, liners, using a stretch material, open ended flaps, material wastefully used on both side of the paddle/blade to protect both sides, even in places where there is no dust or little dust, oil, grease, grime, aging and anything else to be disguised, hidden, masked, and so called protected. This improved cover is simply made of two types of materials, 1.) a light weight piece of cotton with a creative design or simply a solid shade, cut oblong accordantly (⅝ in. beyond the edge of the paddle/blade) using (preferably percale cotton, a lightweight fabric, excellent because of the low to moderate thread count, durable for washing many times over, machine drying and low temp. ironing or no ironing required) 2.) and a ¼ in. to 1 in. wide elastic for the sides which is ⅔ the length around the cover, which is feasible, to the actual inch for inch around the cover, which would be considered as the entire circumference (*note, the margin within this space can be used in the form of variations, the scope of the action remains consistent throughout the areas in design and utility) and one to five straps of the same width (*note, the margin within this space can be used in the forms of vibrations, the scope of the action remains consistent throughout the areas in this design and utility.) ¼ in. to 1 in. wide elastic 3 in. to 4 in. long on the back spaced evenly, (*note, the margin within this space can be used in the forms of variations, the scope of the action remains consistent throughout the areas of design and utility). These materials used in this invention can be found easily all over the world, to wit; the under garments you are probably wearing can be used to make one. No intentional borrowed or fraudulent claims will be found in the construction and making of this cover. There are no openings at either end and there are no consequences with the usage of this cover on a ceiling fan paddle/blade.

[0017] “Less is more”, are comments in which can be seen. Some step and measures where unnecessary and did not need to be incorporated, by the former patents. Trying to find steps to secure the cover to the paddles/blades, without a doubt added more objects/weight. During this process too much was considered and incorporated. By merely doing that “too much” weight was placed onto the ceiling fan paddles/blades (entirely), a combination of covers 4/5/6 and at times 7 to make a set, Indirectly this creates a drag, introducing another problem which maybe discovered in the long term; to wit. the early burning out of the fans motor parts. This ⅛ in. thick paddle/blade attached to a small motor cannot with stand the rigors of too much weight, even presented in ounces. I found in experimenting that a combine total of 2.5 to 5 whole ounces only can attache itself to the paddle/blade without inferring with the fans operation, paddles/blades deg. and balance; (base upon this finding, I reserve the right to the “weight properties” necessary to not interrupt or interfere and the variable space provided, according to the spec. of the manufactured fan.

[0018] This new design is far more easier, lighter in weight, and cheaper to make piece by piece or in a bulk fashion. All methods used in the making of this cover are standards used in creating, recreating or the making of a article using fabric or synthetic material. These standards are not to be disregarded, theses are measures well thought out and are sensible in the designing and using fabric. Sewing classes, fabric stores, sewing circles, sewing books and magazines, are methods where knowledge can be found in reference to the standards of basic sewing. Sewing professionals instruct, teach and cover only what is necessary to saves time, money, thoughts, mistakes, waste and destruction. Covering a four dimensional item in this fashion which provides only a 3 dimensional view is the most practical, logical, cost effective, feasible and juvenile. In some ways the juvenile approach is best. This method can be cost effective and can solve problems and gives ways to solution. This cover is so simple, that a foolish person or a child could figure it out and describe it and apply it to a common household ceiling fan. Non-operating fans which are in some cases too expensive to remove and to have replaced, this cover will serve as blanket solution. A cover to capture the beauty in something that is of no more use, but is not worth the extra added expense of getting rid of. As inexpensive as this cover is to create, it can be used as a tool/means of a solution for a person in no time. The persons who give ways and means to the values of fans and their properties will appreciate this product. This cover can add some value to the ceiling fan or fans that are so called of no value when they are not operating too. (ref. motion)

[0019] Less hassle in creating devices, such as this cover can mean a great deal, specifically to the one person who is applying it from underneath the fan. Most will attempt to apply it by climbing on top of a item to gain a advantage over the fan until they gain some sense of authority or control or complete understanding. This will happen in no time with this cover. Because of the “easy method” of application ref to the design and utility, it will be as promised, easy to learn and easy to take care of As we well know, the most profitable inventions are the “easy to learn and understand” this method releases energy and joy because it is not confusing. As a result of this finding, this design/utility approach should be excepted and titled as the “most effective” the “most logical” the “most sensible” the “most fashionable” “the most profitable” “the least undertaking” “the least expensive invention, in reference to design, utility and fabric in comparison to the former” and lastly


[0020] FIG. 1. is perspective view of the top side of a completed cloth ceiling fan cover, oblong shaped and smooth in appearance, which in installed by the means of pulling on and removed by the means of pulling off.

[0021] FIG. 2. is perspective view of the backside of FIG. 1. to wit: a oblong shape cloth with a thin elastic band, respectively a ceiling fan cover; and a view of a thin elastic band attached to the cloths circumference, which creates a seam in the covers design; and a view showing a seam which is located at the inventions most narrow end demonstrating a closure of the circumference thin elastic band; and a view of one thin vertical strap, two small horizontal seams, one located at each end of the preferred band; whereby each seam connects to the circumference outer edge and presents closure, to wit; one thin vertical strap positioned in the middle of the oblong cover, to wit; the completion.


[0022] In reference to the inventions detail description of the preferred embodiment it is as follows;

[0023] Referring now to the drawings, FIG. 1. shows a oblong shaped design referred to as a cover 10. The cover 12. has a main body comprised from a flexible lightweight percale fabric 12. whereas the maximum volume of fabric used 12. does not surpass 1 ounce after it's construction into the cover 10. possessing no outer seams in the cover 10. or fabric 12, no matter the size of the ceiling fan paddle/blade. In the preferred embodiment 10 percale cotton is the preferred fabric 12. and an elastic circumference which is sewn onto the percale cotton (not shown) which allows it's oblong shape to adapt or conform to any shape of paddle/blade withstanding round, beveled, square, cathedral or wood, plastic heavy cardboard, metal or any combination thereof to wit; any formations or deviations within or out of the scope of these named shapes, not to exclude damages, normal wear and tear, erosions, eruptions, fractures, cravings or designs intentional or unintentional. Not shown however demonstrated is operation of this item, the ¼ inch strap provided which heightens the appearance of the cover 10. increasing the cover's 10. value, beauty, flat, flush, perfect fit and smooth look.

[0024] Referring now to the drawing FIG. 2, the reverse of FIG. 1. which shows a oblong cover 10. which is comprise of preferred fabric to wit; percale cotton 12. in which any designer blends because of the fabrics 12. versatility in design, color and pattern. This fabric 12. used as the tool to release expression of the main embodiment 10, conform to any focal or reference point in an area or room of his or her liking or taste. This cover 10. made from a preferred fabric 12. is bind together by sewing the elastic 22. over top of the percale cotton 12. circumference 24. The thin elastic band ¼ inches in width 22. cut to a margin 24. or between ⅔ inches to ¾ inches of the entire outer circumference, the margin 24, the elastic band 22. is sewn to the circumference 24, to join the percale cotton circumference 24. and the elastic circumference band 22. permanently.

[0025] The cover 10. has a seam line 18. which is present at the base of the cover 14. is described as the narrow end. This closed seam 18. is a heavy bar tack stitch which allows the fabric 12. and the elastic band 22. to maintain a sealed position, the completion of the elastic and the finishing of the adjoining between the two materials in their conclusion form a seam 18. needing no other apparatus passing through, to handle or loose article to thread, apply, attache, remember, incorporate or assemble. The combination of two simplistic and easy to find inexpensive products such as percale cotton 12. and elastic 22. together, but at a conservative measure. The preferred materials 12, makes this invention the lightest of all the previous art and the simplest, in which a cover 10. can be made in 2 minutes, from start to completion, filling the criteria in this section describe as a “any person of ordinary skill in pertinent art etc.” The selection of these materials for this invention creates a cover 10. this caliber of cover 10. which is brilliant, logical, honest and conforms to the scope, holding fast within the objective, which is to cover the object in the most practical, simplistic and inexpensive way. This collaboration 24. created a cover 10. weighing less than 1 ounce which is considered by the average person as lightweight. The ¼ circumference 24. and the elastic band 22. permits this particular cover 10. to hold fast to the narrow end 14. and the broad end 16. with ease foregoing any need for additional fabric, excessive fabric, passages, Velcro, glue, air ducts, ventilation holes, special cuts, drawstrings, spandex or stretch materials, etc., or type of gimmicks or excessive ideals which have been used in prior arts such as; U.S. Pat. No. 5,591,005, 5,564,900, 5,281,093, 5,591,006, 4,832,572, 5,516,264, 4,676,721, 5,470,205, 5,947,686, 6,015,261, etc.

[0026] The elastic strap 26. ¼ inch in width made of elastic material identical to the circumference 24, which was developed for the purpose of maintaining the flat, flush, smooth appearance of the cover 10. which is seen on the reverse side in FIG. 1, and (note; this is not the main function of this strap 26, this unbroken elastic strap 26. attached to the sides of elastic circumference 20, this function is to increase and secure the flat, flush smooth appearance directly) indirectly provides a sense of added protection and comfort to the consumer until this invention 10. in fact becomes a regular seen item and used in the houses, homes and offices. This strap 26. creating a side to side pull keeps all decorative patterns in a position and understood. In reference to this cover/new invention 10. being understood, this ¼ inch elastic strap 26. also fit snug and sturdy also conveying a notation of safety while this cover 10. moves in a circular fashion at any speed, this would be considered a added value. In case this cover's 10. looses it's strap 26. or have it removed, for any reason, this cover 10. will not take flight, come apart or slide off the paddle/blade. This elastic strap 26. is 3½ inches in a relax state, and stretches to 4½ inches when applied to the paddle/blade and stress is added. The cut or loose ends of the 3½ inch strap 26. is heavily bar tack underneath the elastic circumference, seen at the seam lines 28. and 30, for beauty, strength, neatness, and flexibility.

[0027] This elastic strap 26. has an advantage over and above the prior art shown in U.S. Pat. No. 5,591,005, by McCready in that he regards and defines his “hook and loop fasteners” 20. as a “securing method” a way of keeping his cover 10. attached to the blade! Also the interpretation of his “hook and loop fasteners” 20. idealistically presents a “item of protection” thought. In respects to that, any items used as a means of passage can consequently come unfasten over time or while shaking, temporary turning to the statement found in this prior arts paragraph, “installation simple to providing means to keep the cover on the paddle/blade”. This invention now presented introduces a simpler way therefore creating improvements which is understood and widely excepted in history and by the Patent and Trademark Offices not to exclude the successful practices by patent applications.