Slot machines for the seeing impaired
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The way i look at my invention of an external jack for the seeing impared is simple. The gaming machines all ready have sound in one form or another, wether it is a bell for a jack pot or it is a newer machine with actual words coming out of speakers mounted on the machine. What i am suggesting is the engineers that design the games add verbal sounds to tell the seeing impared what is happening through the aid of an external jack on the machine in which they (the customer) would plug in the headset. In short it allows the seeing impared the enjoyment of playing any machine instead of being limited to just slot machine.

Allen, Alvin Joseph (Las Vegas, NV, US)
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G07F17/32; (IPC1-7): A63F1/06
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Joe A Davies (Las Vegas, NV, US)

What i claim as my invention is:

1. an external jack some where on the outside of the machine wether it is a video slot, video poker, slot machine or any style of game for the gaming industry of gambling in such a manner where a headset can be attached to the jack so customers may hear the machines actions



[0001] The purpose behind the slot machines for the seeing impared is so that the seeing impared may play more than just old style slot machines. I have been a slot mechanic for the last five to six years and i have seen all kinds of volume control devices as well as different forms of sound coming out of the machines. what i am suggesting is taking the programs that are all ready being used and modify the sound output. make it words also instead of just music or words to glorify the graphics. The sound output right now does not help the seeing impared, with a modification by the computer science engineers to add the feature of telling what is happening in front of the customer, a seeing impared customer could plug in a headset to a jack on the machine so that they could hear what is in front of them. By adding the external jack for the seeing impared they are not limited to the machines they have to play.


[0002] I thought about this invention when a blind friend pointed out to me that she would play video poker if she could see. There was also another incident i have run across where a customer had held three cards to the flush but what he had failed to realize is that the color was gone on the monitor and really he had two clubs and one heart. The whole idea behind this idea is so as to tell the customer what is in front of them and let them know what they have decided to do. With this external jack installed into machines it opens a wide range of machines for the seeing impared to play, so they can enjoy the machines they are playing not just wondering what they had or did not have.


[0003] The easiest way to describe this in detail is by giving you an example of what it does.a customer approaches a machine that is seeing impared, they have all ready purchased a portable headset for the external jack. Once they sit down at the machine and put the headset into the jack. Next thing they do is put a twenty dollar bill into the machine (now the machine is all ready designed to notice the denomination as well as the credits), through the headset the customer would hear “you now have eighty credits (this is a quarter machine in which they are playing). Wether or not the customer pushes bet one or bet max they now would hear” you have wagered (how ever many credits they have bet). If the customer is playing a slot machine once they pull the handle or push the spin button if they have a winning spin they would then hear that on the head set also, and it would sound something like this if they were playing red white and blue “single bar, single bar, dble bar you won 5 credits and now you have (what ever the remaining credits are plus the win.). If there was no win then the customer would hear something like this” sorry no win you still have (what ever their remaining credits are). Now for the example of the video poker machine same scenerio but with five cards dealt it would tell the seeing impared the five cards that were dealt to them now if you could imagine this is what they are hearing “ten of clubs, ace of diamonds, two of hearts, two of spades, three of clubs” now when they go to hold a card it would tell them what they are holding if they choose not to hold that card they push the button again and it would tell them that they are discarding that card. after they have redealt their hand they would hear the final results and if it was a losing hand they would hear their remaining credits if it was a winning hand they would hear what the hand was and how many credits they won and what the remaing credits are. Then when they are finished playing the game and go to cash out they would hear “you are now cashing out (whatever they have left for credits). So what i am proposing is the computer science engineers have all ready designed these games i am asking to put and external jack on the machine anywhere and have the engineers add some sound to the machines themselfs and they can attach a harness to the mpu or the motherboard which will extend to an external jack so as to make it possible for the seeing impared to hear with a headset what they are missing with their vision.