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A thin, flat, transparent, clear plastic or other platform with suitable legs to support a faceted stone or other object in order that said faceted stone or other object can be viewed in its entirety either in a suitable container or standing alone. Said platform to allow alignment of various shapes by means of a centered hole or holes allowing faceted stones or other objects to protrude in part.

Patrick, John (Elsobrante, CA, US)
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206/566, 206/495
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A47F7/03; (IPC1-7): A45C11/04
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I claim:

1. A platform comprising a flat surface with a centered hole. Said platforms when enclosed in suitable containers allow viewing as if items are suspended in air. Said platform supported by legs which are part of said platform.

2. Centered hole maintains alignment so that cut stone or other object does not move.

3. Said platform being transparent allows for a descriptive insert to be viewed clearly.

4. Superior claimed display enhances sales function.

5. As an additional function said platform can be used as a stand alone display independent of any container.

6. Said platform to be manufactured in various configurations to accommodate various available containers.



[0001] Not applicable


[0002] 1. Field of Invention

[0003] This invention creates the illusion of gemstones or other articles being suspended in midair through the ingenious use of a platform made from clear plastic sheet.

[0004] 2. Description of Prior Art

[0005] Display and packaging suppliers, three of which are enclosed with pertinent pages attached showing prior art. None of this prior art indicates any patents.

[0006] From the enclosed examples of various display items it can be readily seen that almost all items support the product by hiding part of the product. In the case of cut gemstones, the supporting mechanism diminishes the color and transparency of the gemstone because the supporting mechanism absorbs some of the light. This absorption takes away from the value of the exhibited product. This failing is true of all container type displays.

[0007] With spring prong and spring wire type holders there is a great probability that the stones will be handled and will need constant cleaning. There is also the possibility that the stones will become disengaged from their spring wires or spring prongs. With the spring holder there is the difficulty of storage and dropping or losing stones.

[0008] With multiple stone slotted displays, the same problem of light absorption exists, with the added problem of the stones sliding together and damaging each other during transport from one location to another. If this type of display in tipped or knocked the stones can be dislodged and scattered with possible loss.

[0009] With stone papers, a time honored method of display, there are the same attendant problems with light absorption by the paper or a thin padded layer of cotton or other material. In many instances tipping or flexing of the paper causes small stones to slide out or spring out of the paper. In addition, as stones are carried about and shown, they become what is known as “paper worn” whereby the sharp edges of the facets exhibit fine abrading which reduces their value. Sometimes, to a point where they must be repolished. After continued handling, these stone papers become wrinkled and grimy.

[0010] In the case of the trademarked FILE-A-GEM and other plastic sleeves and bags the light absorption problem persists. In the case of plastic bags, with a punched plastic strip insert, the sharp points (culets) of cut stones pierce the plastic bag as well as scratching the inside of the bag, thus cheapening the exhibited product. As the bags become worn from handling, they must be replaced; a needless expenditure of time and money.

[0011] With acrylic gemstones stands, in addition to the light absorption problem, they are easily knocked over and faceted stones can become chipped or lost.


[0012] In accordance with the present invention, the ILLUSION DISPLAY consists of a clear plastic platform with a centering hole for any shaped object whereby the object can be viewed in its entirety without removing it from the container.


[0013] Accordingly, besides the advantages of the illusion and full display described in my patent, several of the advantages are:

[0014] (a) to provide an attractive dust free and tamper proof display environment.

[0015] (b) to provide a startling presentation which immediately attracts a buyer and immediately shows the object in its entirety.

[0016] (c) to provide a means of adapting currently available display containers in such a way as to preclude individual handling of loose stones.

[0017] (d) to provide a unit whereby an individual stone can be handed to a buyer for inspection with the naked eye, a head loupe or other magnifying instrument, all without removing the stone. An option that is not now conveniently available with most display items.

[0018] (e) allows for cut paper identification and pricing inserts to rest on the bottom of the container and which can be read through the clear top closure and the transparent material of the ILLUSION DISPLAY platform.

[0019] (f) the ILLUSION DISPLAY platforms can be used over and over again.

[0020] (g) the ILLUSION DISPLAY platforms can be adapted to various shapes of faceted stones and other objects by the use of a sharp knife for cutting a larger opening

[0021] (h) my ILLUSION DISPLAY can be easily produced commercially by constructing steel rule dies. Steel rule dies are commonly used to produce flat articles of various shape. A sample piece part from a steel rule die is enclosed.

[0022] Further objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the ensuing description of the drawing.


[0023] FIG. 1 in the drawing, it is quite easy to see the centered hole for the alignment of the faceted stone or other object.

[0024] FIG. 2 shows the location of the lines for bending the legs.

[0025] FIG. 3 shows the ILLUSION DISPLAY with legs bent and ready to be placed in a suitable container.