Snomelter #1
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The Snomeltr #1 is a new concept developed to replace an old method of removing and disposing of snow on streets and hiways where it poses a hazard to people or traffic by melting it and letting it run out through the existing underground waste lines. The burners could be directed straight down at the surface of the street or hiway to melt the snow in place which would then run to the inlet to the waste line and out to a disposal area. This would eliminate the need for a loader to load and trucks to haul the snow. This second method could be used before the snow level became too high.

Clinton, Eugene Ward (Palm Springs, CA, US)
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E01H5/10; (IPC1-7): E01H5/10
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E. W. Clinton (Palm Springs, CA, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is the Snomeltr #1 which is a machine which is machine which is designed to eliminate all or part of traffic created by trucks hauling snow that has accumalated on streets and highways at locations where it poses a hazard to people or traffic. Instead of the trucks hauling the snow to some other area or the ocean where it is left to melt, the snow is dumped into the Snomeltr #1 where it melts, runs into the storm sewer, and then flows to the ocean or wherever the sewer line goes, elininating all or part of the truck traffic created using the present method.

[0001] Invented by E. W. Clinton 22359 Parkmead Dr Palm Springs Ca 92262 The Snomeltr is a machine designed and made for the purpose of melting snow removed from streets and hiways at any location where it poses a hazard to people or, traffic. It contains a metal hopper twelve ft. long and eight ft. wide. heated by seven 50,000 BTU fuel jets,,(burners with thermocoupler which heats the hopper hot enough to melt the snow as fast as it can be placed into the hopper by dump trucks or front end loaders. My choice is of 75ST one half inch aluminum for the hopper is because it is a better-,conductor of heat than steel, also it is lighter and is easier to move. The sled runners should be made of steel bolted to the bottom of the hoppers using 1 12×2embedded image

[0002] every 12″ oc. The front, rear, and bottom of the hopper will be. made by using sheets of aluminum 4′×20′ welded together to form one sheet 20′×8′, then bending it with a 90% bend 2312embedded image

[0003] from one end and 34 12embedded image

[0004] from the other, end in the same direction as the first bend. The 4312embedded image

[0005] being for thefront of the hopper and the 5412embedded image

[0006] for the rear of the hopper. The side panels will be-fabricated by welding one-piece of aluminum 3′×4′ to one piece 3′∴8′ resulting in one piece 3′×12′. Then, cut a,piec of aluminum 1′×8′, and one piece of aluminum 1′×4′, weld them together resulting in one piece 1′×12′. Cut diagonaly resulting in 2 pieces., each one is 1′ at each end and 0′ at the other end. Weld each of the 1′×0′ to each of the 3′∴12′ resulting in two side panels 12′ long, 3′ wide at one and,(front), and 4′ wide on the other end,(rear). The side panels are to be welded to the one-piece front, bottom, and rear piece with a solid continuence weld for maximum strength. The fuel tank platform is to be 6 14embedded image

[0007] steel plate supported by a 7 12×2×96embedded image

[0008] steel plate bolted to the back side of the hopper with steel bolts 8 12×2 24oc.1 12×1 12× 14embedded image

[0009] steel angles (3) supports the front of the fuel tank platform running from the platform to the hopper at an angle. The fuel tank is strapped to the support by steel straps ⅛″×2″ (two) each located 12″ from end of tank. Fuel is supplied to the-fuel jets by 9 12embedded image

[0010] stainless steel lines from the fuel tank with seperate valves on each fuel line. Fuel Sets are mounted on the underside of platform at a 45% angle to the platform with {fraction (1/16)}″×2″ straps bolted with 10 14×2embedded image

[0011] bolts.


[0012] Cities in heavy snow areas sometimes use dump trucks to haul the: snowto some other location where it is left to melt, creating more traffic on streets and hiways sometimes causing accidents and, resulting in death or injury.

[0013] Using Snomeltr #1 will eliminate all or most of this traffic hauling snow. Snomeltr could be placed near an opening into the-storm sewer. The dump truck, or the front end loader, could dump the snow into the heated hopper at the rear of Snomeltr #1 where it would melt and drain out through the holes in the bottom of the hopper and then into the storm sewer. As the snow is cleared from that area the Snomeltr #1 could be moved to another location by pulling it over the snow on the-.sled runners or loading it on a truck designed for That purpose. The trucks that load and move the large drop boxes of trash could be used as the sled runners are designed the same as the ones on the drop boxes.

[0014] By using the underground waste lines already in place, to dispose of the snow, there would be no additional traffic, and the money saved could be used to provide other services. Also, by reducing the traffic on already dangerous, slippery streets, lives may also be saved.

[0015] Another method would be to direct the burners straight down at the surface of the street or hiway to melt the snow in place which would then run to the inlet of the waste line and out to the disposal area eliminating the need for equipment to load and haul the snow.


[0016] FIG. 1A shows the machine as you are looking down from a position above it. Showing the overall length of 15′, the pulling hitch of 3′. the total width of 8′, location of the 7 drain holes 4″ in diameter across the bottom on 12″ centers, and 13″ from the front of the Snomeltr #1. The fuel tank 8′∴24″ diameter on the steel platform from which 7 fuel lines supply the 7 burners which heat the aluminal hoppers is located 12″ from the hopper.

[0017] FIG. 2A shows how the machine looks from the side. the sled runners on which the machine can be slid short distances, or are used to slide upon a truck which is designed for such a purpose. It also shows the fuel tank, fuel tank platform, with supports. The height of the hopper of it in the front and 4′ in the rear.


[0018] As mentioned in Field of Invention 3 Summary, cities in heavy snow areas sometimes use dump trucks to haul snow from hiways and streets to some other location and left to melt. This creats more traffic on already slippery streets, sometimes this, causes accidents resulting in death or injury.

[0019] By using the Snomeltr#1 the snow can be disposed of by using existing waste lines underground and eliminating most if not all of the trucking traffic.

[0020] To the best of my knowledge there is no other equipment available at he present time to do this. Complete detailed information and instructions are in contained in the Specifications attached.