Porta-wet watering system
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The system should be in place before being filled with water. “In place” meaning the system should be positioned around the base of the tree, plant or shrubbery that requires watering. The small drip control valves can be turned off to stop the drip as necessary.

Anderson, Eugene (Vallejo, CA, US)
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A01G25/02; A01G27/00; (IPC1-7): A47G7/02
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Eugene Anderson (Vallejo, CA, US)
1. I claim as my invention the Porta-Wet Watering System. It is a light rubber tube, circular in form with (4) small plastic lines. Each line is interrupted with a small drip control valve. The tube also has a filler valve with an attached cap. The tube can be filled with water from a common garden hose. The porta-wet watering system is comparable to an automobile tire inner-tube, the difference being that the ends of the tube do not meet and the system has (4) drip lines with drip valves and comes in various colors appropriate to specific landscapes.



[0001] One very basic advantage of this invention is that it allows plants that would otherwise not receive the proper amounts of watering to receive sufficient water. With the proper amount of watering, these plants have a greater chance to reach their full growth potential.

[0002] The Porta-Wet Watering System is a small system designed to allow homeowners, property owners, and business owners, even renters to bring water to plants that are often not in line with sprinkler systems,

[0003] This systems works wonders for travelers, be they county, state or worldwide travelers who are away for long periods of time and who may neglect their plants or landscaping. The smaller sized Porta-Wet System can be used to drip-wet house plants as well. The various colors allow the system to blend with the surrounding of landscaping respectively.


[0004] The general idea of this system is to allow plants that require watering to receive water at the owner's discretion. Vacationers, business owners and property owners can travel abroad without requiring the services of friends or even depending on a gardener to water plants or other forms of landscaping. This applies especially to plants, trees, and shrubbery that are not receiving water from sprinkler systems or for yards that bolster no sprinkler systems at all.


[0005] The Porta-Wet System is made from the light rubber plastic used in making inflatable beach flotation mats. The system comes in four (4) different sizes. Each system has four (4) drip lines {fraction (1/8)}″ in diameter, the length of the lines vary with the size of each system. The longest being approximately 15 inches which attaches to the 5-gallon system. The shortest line is 8 inches long and is attached to the 2-gallon system.

[0006] In reference to

[0007] FIG. 1 on the page 5, the Porta-Wet System is viewed from the top, showing the reservoir, filler valve and (4) drip lines and valves.

[0008] FIG. 2 shows the Porta-Wet System in place around a tree and

[0009] FIG. 3 shows a front of the system.

[0010] The main body or reservoir, which holds the water, is approximately 5 feet long on the 5-gallon system and approximately 18″ in diameter when filled with water.

[0011] The reservoir of the 4-gallon system is approximately 4 feet long and approximately 15″ in diameter.

[0012] The reservoir of the 3-gallon system is approximately 3 feet long and approximately 12′ in diameter.

[0013] The reservoir of the 2-gallon system is approximately 2 feet long and 10″ in diameter.

[0014] The system comes in a variety of colors; green background with red, yellow and white flower patterns, white background with red, yellow and blue flower patterns, red brick pattern background with white mortar lines and a rocky or stone pattern set against a brown background. The belly or underside of each system will bare its background color only.

[0015] The Porta-Wet System is a unique idea that could do much in the preservation and upkeep of private and public landscaping.