Non-slip barrette strip
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A strip of adhesive-backed foam rubber anti-slip material applied to the clamping arms of a barrette. Said invention will secure strands of hair in a non-slip gripping mode when said barrette is in a closed position.

Porter, Amy (Tigard, OR, US)
Radcliff, Gayle M. (Zigzag, OR, US)
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A45D8/24; (IPC1-7): A45D8/22; A45D8/28
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1. An accessory attachable to a barrette comprising: (a) a strip of non-skid crinkle surface thermal plastic foam rubber. (b) a flexible foam rubber that is mounted to the clamping arm surfaces of said barrette that enables said barrette to secure hair strands.

2. The said invention is an adhesive bonded anti-slip foam rubber strip. Paper is laminated on one side. The laminated paper is separated and removed to expose the adhesive. Said invention can be altered by cutting said strip to the appropriate size for the best application.

3. The foam anti-skid strip of claim provides a gripping surface that holds hair strands securely when barrette is in a closed position.

4. Said strip releases hair strands when barrette clamp is released.



[0001] This invention relates to a hair accessory commonly called a barrette. Said invention is a strip. Said invention is adhered to the clamping arms of said barrette. Said invention will enhance the performance of said barrette by securely gripping the hair.


[0002] This invention relates to hair barrettes for the benefit of gripping and maintaining all hair types in a secured and holding position by applying the said invention to said barrettes.

[0003] Many users of barrettes have found them attractive and appealing as an ornament for beauty and also a necessity for securing their hair in arrangements for work and/or play situations.

[0004] The inventor has been using barrettes since she was a child. She has thicker hair consistency that would allow for some barrettes to secure her hair. She has always had a problem with some barrettes. They would slip from the original position wherein it was applied. She had purchased and discarded many barrettes because they would not grasp and hold her hair securely. She had invested much money and time in this effort. The inventor discovered that applying a rubber material to the clamping arms of the barrette, held her hair firmly. She cut a rubber floor mat into strips. The strips were cut to fit the inside arms of a barrette. She tried the same rug mat on her twin daughter's barrettes and it did not hold as firmly. Baby fine hair is the most difficult to secure in any type of hair accessory.

[0005] The inventor researched several types of materials until she found one that would hold firmly, yet release the hair when the barrette clamp was released. The inventor believes that many woman and children were also experiencing this problem.


[0006] The present invention is a foam rubber strip applied to a barrette to prevent hair from slipping.


[0007] The advantages of said invention is it will alleviate problems that are associated with holding and securing all hair types. This will include barrette user's with baby fine hair, as well as, user's with thick, thinning, long or short hair. The application of these strips to the inside elogonated arms of the barrette will allow the barrette to securely hold the hair strands in the position that it is intended. This will benefit the barrette user in the confidence of purchasing different styles of barrettes. Many people that have been unable to use this type of hair accessory will be the beneficiary of this invention.

[0008] The advantage of this invention is that the adhesive can be applied to plastic, metal or other surface material. It is manufactured of a material that is flexible which allows it be to altered to fit the barrette as indicated.

[0009] The diversity in barrette designs is what makes this invention so unique. Said invention has been designed to fit the standard elogonated clamping arms of a barrette. The standard barrette, not including baby barrettes, would use three strips. One strip would be attached to the elogonated arm that is attached beneath the decorated side of the barrette. Two additional strips would be attached to the opposite arm of the barrette clamping mechanism.

[0010] Any barrette that is not the standard size will benefit from said invention as said invention can be altered to any size by cutting the said invention. The user can then apply it with the intention of securely holding hair strands in the application that it was so intended.

[0011] Said invention is beneficial as it is cost efficient and will benefit the barrette user in all areas of application.