Golf tee installation tool and the method of operation of the same
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A handle and shaft that contains a golf tee that can be adjustable to the users needs for easier installation of a golf tee into hard surfaces. Selecting different sizes of spacer also allow for different tee positioned height.

Smith, Michael Edward (Ward, CO, US)
Swirczek, Todd Thomas (Omaha, NE, US)
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A63B57/00; (IPC1-7): A63B57/00
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MICHAEL E. SMITH (Council Bluffs, IA, US)

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1. Golf Tee installation apparatus comprised of: a. Handle on top of a shaft for easy gripping by a hand. The handle can take on many shapes such as round like a ball, long and narrow like a screw driver handle, T-like similar to a cork screw bottle opener or many others. b. A shaft on which the handle is affixed to and which the golf tee is inserted into. The shaft has a cut out which the golf tee slides into for insertion into hard surfaces. c. A rubber gasket at the end of the shaft that gently holds the golf tee in place until it has been inserted into hard surfaces. wherein the handle allows for a easier grip of the golf tee and the shaft for easier insertion of the golf tee into hard surfaces.

2. Selecting different handle types and shapes enables the user to adjust their gripping technique.

3. Selecting different lengths of the shaft allows for persons with different abilities to adjust the length for their individual needs.



[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] The present invention pertains to the insertion of a golf tee into hard surfaces, such as packed dirt, areas with little or no sod or grass, clay dirt, or rocky soil. This invention will allow for a golf tee to be inserted into these hard surfaces with little effort.

[0003] 2. Description of Prior Art

[0004] Methods in the past and present involve using one's thumb or hard object and either hitting on applying brute force for the insertion of a golf tee in these hard surfaces.


[0005] The present invention overcomes challenges and problems stated above by using a handle on top of a shaft so a golf tee can be inserted with little or no stress or pressure on one's thumb. Inside the shaft there is a cut out where a golf tee can be placed until it penetrates the hard surface. After the golf tee has been inserted into the hard surface the user mearly slides the invention off of the golf tee. Inside the shaft a rubber gasket holds the golf tee inside until it has been inserted. Then the invention is easily slid off the golf tee.

[0006] The handle can be made in many forms and shapes, round like a ball, long and narrow for use like a screw driver, T-like similar to a cork screw bottle opener or many others. The length of the handle and shaft combined can be made in various lengths from 3″ on up to 4′ for those golfers with bad or painful backs or knees.

[0007] In a preferred embodiment, when the golf tee is inserted into the invention and the handle is pressed against the ground or hard surface, the invention allows for easier insertion of the golf tee:

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