Windshield mirror hanger
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A novelty hanger for the hanging and display of novelties and articles which are usually hung from the interior rearview mirror or rearview mirror support post of an automobile.

Lusk, Steven D. (Johnson City, TN, US)
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Steven D. Lusk (Johnson City, TN, US)
1. A demountable hanger for supporting and attaching a plurality of novelties to an automobile interior rearview mirror said hanger having a top and a bottom and a hook assembly and a plurality of U-shaped tab attachments connected thereto comprising (a) an inverted hook assembly located at the top of said hanger wherein said hook provides a means for suspending said hanger from the horizontal support post wherein said support post is supporting the rearview mirror from the automobile windshield; (b) a plurality of attachment means located along and above the bottom of said hanger wherein said attachments are comprised of inverted U-shaped tab members wherein such members being adapted to hang a plurality of novelties therefrom.

2. A demountable hanger for supporting and attaching a plurality of novelties to an automobile interior rearview mirror said mirror being attached to said interior by means of a support assembly, said support assembly being comprised of a horizontal rod wherein said rod interconnects between said mirror and the automobile windshield, wherein said hanger is demountably suspended from said rod by said inverted hook attached to and connected over the top of said rod, said hook being integrally connected to said hanger wherein said hanger comprises a plurality of inverted U-shaped tab members wherein said members being adapted to hang a plurality of novelties therefrom.



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[0004] This invention relates to automotive windshield hangers, specifically to such hangers as are used to display objects that hang or are suspended from automotive rearview mirrors.

[0005] 1. Brief Summary of the Invention

[0006] The windshield mirror hanger provides for a method for hanging objects, such as air fresheners, from the rearview mirror support post of an automobile rearview mirror. Currently most automobile drivers hang such objects from the rearview mirror by using a string or wire loop, which must be looped around the mirror in such a manner that the string or wire is wrapped around the rearview mirror support post. The windshield mirror hanger allows the automobile driver to easily hang such objects without interfering with the mirror or mirror support post.

[0007] 2. Background-Description of Prior Art

[0008] In 1990 Domenico Moriello, U.S. Pat. No. 5,037,051, created a hanger for displaying novelties from an automobile rearview mirror. This device providing for a “J” type hook fastened to the top of the mirror to support the hanger with additional “J” type hooks along the bottom edge to support the novelties.

[0009] This design does not take into account vehicular motion and variances in novelty weight. During vehicle turning maneuvers the upper “J” type hooks would tend to slide along the upper mirror frame in the direction opposite of the vehicle turn. In addition a large weight placed on one of the lower end “J” hooks would cause the upper “J” hook on the opposite end to disengage from the upper mirror frame causing the hanger to release from the mirror.

[0010] The design is also limited in that it does not take into consideration the many varied shapes of modern automobile rearview mirrors. These mirrors vary in length and width dimensions and are generally curved along the back plane preventing the construction of a standardized mirror hanger.


[0011] FIG. 1 shows the Windshield Mirror Hanger in its embodiment in a front view.

[0012] FIG. 2 shows the Windshield Mirror Hanger in its embodiment in a side view.

[0013] FIG. 3 shows an isometric drawing of the Windshield Mirror Hanger, as it would be observed while attached to the automobile rearview mirror.


[0014] 2 mirror hanger body 4 hanger support hook

[0015] 6 object support tab 8 string loop

[0016] 10 mirror body 12 mirror support post


[0017] A typical embodiment of the rearview mirror hanger is illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2. The rearview mirror hanger is comprised of the mirror hanger body 2 cut in such a manner as to provide for an upper hanger support hook 4 and a plurality of “U” shaped object support tabs 6 above the bottom edge. String loops 8 are provided at the bottom cut of the object support tabs 6. In the preferred embodiment the mirror hanger body is comprised of a semi-hard material such as polypropylene or other material capable of supporting small weights without breaking or bending.

[0018] FIG. 3 shows the hanger, as it would be mounted to the automobile rearview mirror support post 12. In such a configuration the support hook 4 looped over and around the mirror support post 12 thereby supporting the hanger body 2. The string of an object to be suspended would loop over the “U” shaped object support tab 6 with the string of such object resting in the string loops 8 in such a manner that each support hook 4 and string loop 8 combination would support one or more objects to be displayed:

[0019] From the description above, a number of advantages of my windshield mirror hanger become evident:

[0020] (a) Novelties and other lightweight objects may be easily suspended from the rearview mirror without interfering with the function of the rearview mirror.

[0021] (b) By mounting the hanger on a rotateable support hook to the mirror support post the hanger may freely swing with the motion of the vehicle during turns without the hanger sliding loose.

[0022] (c) Heavier weights may be suspended from the end support tabs without causing the hanger to release from the mirror support post.

[0023] (d) The shape of the mirror is not a factor in function and use of the hanger.