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An assembly that receives and stores mail secured to the exit side of a mail slot comprising of an opaque flexible pouch attached to a U-shaped mounting frame. The variable positioning capabilities of the assembly adds security to the rear area of the mail slot by blocking the view through the mail slot. Support tracks allow the assembly to adjust to different mail slot dimensions, whether attached to a building, residence or garage door. A support means inserted through a loop located in the upper most portion of the pouch, forming to the U-shaped frame and support structure present a permanent opening for mail to pass through and be stored. The pouches approximate set length adds security against seizure of mail through front side of the mail slot. The invention stores mail as a garage door rotates from a vertical closed position to an open horizontal position. Based on the location of the mail slot, the assembly design allows easy access to the mail for those confined to a wheel chair.

Rosiello, Richard L. (San Dimas, CA, US)
Rosiello, Karen A. (San Dimas, CA, US)
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A47G29/12; (IPC1-7): B65D91/00
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Richard L. Rosiello (San Dimas, CA, US)

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1. a device for collecting the mail for use with a mail slot attached to a wall or door of a private dwelling or commercial structure through which mail is inserted from one side of a structure for capture and storage to the other side comprising of: a assembly; a U-shaped frame consisting of a horizontal side center section having a top edge, a bottom edge and said section consisting of ends that bend into corners and continue with two horizontal lateral side sections opposite and of equal lengths having ends that bend into corners to form mount flanges with taper terminus; an attachment location that is less intrusive to a support structure by using a exsiting mail slot to mount over or onto; a variable positioning means to obscure the view through a mail slot for rear area security; an attachment means for mounting the assembly to a given mail slot dimension.

2. a pouch; a opaque flexiable means consisting of five sides having the upper edge folded and attachment means to form a loop in conjuntion with support means inserted through said loop forming a permanent mouth opening to receive mail; a approximate lengthwise measurement being purposely set to provide security against unwanted seizure of stored mail; a flexiable means having a self-supporting mouth opening in combination with a U-shape frame attached over or onto a mail slot to store mail level as a garage door rotates from a vertical closed position to a horzontal open position.

3. an assembly configuration, which allows minimal effort for mail retrieval to those confined to a wheel chair.



[0001] 1. Field of Invention

[0002] This invention relates to receptacles used for the collecting and temporary storage of mail, specifically through mail slots that are secured to a private dwelling or commercial structure.

[0003] 2. Discussion of Prior Art

[0004] A number of receptacle solutions have been proposed in prior art. Nearly every private dwelling and commercial building has some means of receiving and collecting the mail in one place. One of the most common devices used for this purpose is a mail slot. Mail slots are mounted to a structure such as a door, garage door or wall. Most mail slots are designed with a spring loaded hinged door that stays closed when not in use. The user opens the door then passes mail through the slot where by gravity it falls randomly onto the floor. This may cause the mail to be difficult to pick up or be lost and damaged. To approach this problem there are several devices designed to collect and store mail, but these have significant problems with ease of attachment, security and mail retrieval. Prior U.S. patented examples are listed below:

[0005] U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,492,272; 4,826,075; 4,776,512; 4,694,503; 4,069,956; and 3,653,620.

[0006] More specifically, U.S. Pat. No. 5,492,272 to Fewer, Feb. 20, 1996 the invention is mounted below the mail slot, which may jeopardize security by not obscuring the view of the area behind and below the mail slot. The mounting below the slot may cause structure damage and be intrusive to the surrounding structure. U.S. Pat. No. 4,4776,512 to Moore and Moore, Jul. 2, 1987 the invention shows in FIG. 2 a pouch with a restricted opening leading into the pouch. Mail inserted and passed through the opening may bend against pouch sides and become damaged. An added inconvenance is limited accessibility to which the contents of the pouch are retrieved, the unziping and zipping again of the pouch.

[0007] 3. Objects and Advantages

[0008] Accordingly, several objects and advantages of the invention are to achieve a new invention for collecting the mail in a private dwelling or commercial structure.

[0009] It is an object to improve ease of attachment by using an existing mail slot to position and attach to.

[0010] It is an object to provide greater security for the area located behind and below the invention by obscuring the view through a mail slot.

[0011] It is an object to provide greater security for mail storage.

[0012] It is an object to mount and attach in a less intrusive manner to a suporting structure.

[0013] It is an object to able the user an effortlessly easy operation for mail retrevail such as for those confined in a wheel chair.

[0014] It is an object to store mail while the invention is attached to a garage door that operates with tracks or hinges as it opens open and closes.

[0015] Further objects and advantages of my invention will become apparent from a consideration of the drawings and ensuing description.


[0016] FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the invention in its operative position with respect to a mail slot.

[0017] FIG. 1A is an exploded view of an elongated hole shape.

[0018] FIG. 1B is a detailed view of a support means running through a loop located at upper opened end of the pouch body.

[0019] FIG. 2 shows invention attached to a hinged garage door. The door is shown in its vertical closed position.

[0020] FIG. 3 shows invention attached to a hinged garage door. The door is shown in its horizontal open position.


[0021] 10. U-Shape Frame

[0022] 12. Mail Slot Header

[0023] 14. Mount Flanges

[0024] 16. Elongated Hole Shape (Located on mount flanges.)

[0025] 18. Support Track

[0026] 20. Pouch

[0027] 22. Support means

[0028] 24. Hinged Garage Door


[0029] A pouch secured to a U-shaped enclosure and attached to an exsiting mail slot to receive and store the mail. The new invention represents, a simple design, better security due to mount location and less intrusive mount area.


[0030] With reference to FIG. 1 shows perspective view of a trihedral encloser, U-shape frame or three-sided brace 10 supporting an attached pouch body 20 relative to an existing mail slot or mail slot header 12 in which the assembly is mounted and attached to.

[0031] With reference to FIG. 1A shows an exploded view of an elongated hole shape 16 located on mount flanges 14 that are used to position the assembly vertically for view