Pillow with hollow out hole and removable box
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An improved, ring-pillow (14 &18) made of a fancy-cloth and having a hollow out hole (16A) going down part way into top section of pillow (14), along with a removable box (12) which is inserted down into said hollow out and completely lined hole (16A &16B). In addition, having a secure fastening method preferably of Velcro (20A &20B), etc., adhered to bottom of said removable box (20B), as well as to inside section (20A), of hollow out hole (16A) giving removable box (12) ability to be removed and inserted into hole (16A) repeatedly, without damaging fancy fabric of pillow (14 &16) or of box (12). The pillow (14 &16) is made of two pieces, a top section (14) and a bottom section (16), of fancy cloth which are joined onto a one-piece along outer edges, but having a hollow out hole which is completely lined (16A &16B), thereby giving a secure and deep area for placing the completely removable box (12).

Catalano-carriveau, Margaret (Los Alamitos, CA, US)
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A45C11/16; A47F7/02; (IPC1-7): A47C20/02; A47C20/04; A47C20/06; A47C20/08
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Margaret (Pegi) Catalano-Carriveau (Costa Mesa, CA, US)

I claim:

1. A cloth ring-pillow of a type comprising a pillow with a hollow out hole on top section of said cloth ring-pillow and having a removable box that may be securely placed into hole of said cloth ring-pillow.

2. The cloth ring-pillow of claim 1 wherein said cloth pillow comprises any type of fancy fabric possibly, but not limited to satin, moiré, velvet, lace, linen, etc.

3. The cloth ring-pillow of claim 1 wherein said cloth ring-pillow may comprise of decorative edging, monogramming, etc.

4. The cloth ring-pillow of claim 1 wherein said cloth pillow and said removable box are a predetermined size and shape.

5. The cloth ring-pillow of claim 1 wherein a hollow out hole comprises a lining on inside section of said hollow out hole.

6. The hollow out hole of claim 1 wherein complimentary fastening method, preferably Velcro, is adhered to said hollow out hole.

7. The fastening method of claim 6 is also adhered to bottom of said removable box of claim 1.

8. The removable box of claim 1 wherein said removable box is comprised of predetermined type of ornately decorated fabric and edging.



[0001] This application is in reference to Provisional Utility Patent Application/Control Number: 60/168,725 and Confirm Number #6795 with a filing date of Jan. 12, 2000.


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[0004] 1. Field of the Invention

[0005] This invention relates to ring-pillows, specifically to an improved, more secure holding area for wedding rings on a manufactured cloth pillow.

[0006] 2. Description of Related Art

[0007] There are many different styles of ring-pillows for weddings, but there exists a need for a more secure ring-pillow that will minimize the likelihood of expensive wedding rings falling off of a pillow and being lost or damaged while pillow is being carried during a ceremony. The current style of ring-pillow is usually equipped with thin ribbons that are used to tie expensive rings onto said pillow. This method of attaching rings is an insecure and old style for ring-pillows and provides a bigger risk for rings to fall off of the pillow.


[0008] The present invention generally relates to the manufacturing of a cloth ring-pillow having a hollowed out hole on top of pillow, where a removable box may be placed far enough down into the hole, but still leaving box visible, so as not to allow said box to fall off-of cloth pillow or out-of said hole, and also allowing said box to be totally and easily removed thereby allowing box to be displayed and used separately from said cloth pillow. Furthermore, giving added security to pillow and box by possibly adding a Velcro fastening material to bottom of said box and to inside section of said hole allowing box to also be easily inserted and removed without damaging pillow or box.

[0009] Objects and Advantages

[0010] Accordingly, several objects and advantages of my invention are:

[0011] a.) to provide added security to expensive and cherished wedding rings;

[0012] b.) to provide an updated style of ring-pillow;

[0013] c.) to provide a removable box to hold wedding ring(s);

[0014] d.) to provide a hollow out hole area in top of pillow where ring box may be placed, so as to limit the possibility of dropping and damaging, or losing wedding rings while being carried during procession;

[0015] e.) to provide a removable decorated ring box with possible added security of a fastening method of Velcro or other means, to bottom of said box and to inside of said hole;

[0016] f.) to provide a removable box ornately decorated so as to use and display after being removed from pillow;

[0017] g.) to provide an elegant looking ring-pillow and box, using fancy fabrics preferably velvet, linen, lace, satin, etc.

[0018] h.) to provide an elegant looking decorative edging on pillow and box preferably fringe, ribbon, lace, beads, piping, etc.

[0019] i.) to provide an elegantly decorated box to place in hole in center of pillow for use during ceremonies;

[0020] j.) to provide use of removable, elegantly decorated box preferably placed on dressers, carried in suitcases, etc.

[0021] Further objects and advantages of my invention will become apparent from a consideration of the drawings and ensuing description.

[0022] Please see informal drawings.


[0023] In the drawings, closely related figures have the same number but different alphabetic suffixes.

[0024] FIG. 1 is a side view of pillow showing top and bottom sections and showing a hollow out hole going part way down center of pillow, wherein small removable box may be placed.

[0025] FIG. 2 is a top view of pillow showing hollow out hole where removable box may be placed.


[0026] 12—Removable Box

[0027] 14—Top section of Pillow

[0028] 16A—Hollow out Hole on top of pillow

[0029] 16B—Lining on inside portion of hollow out hole

[0030] 18—Bottom section of Pillow

[0031] 20A—One surface of Velcro fastening method

[0032] 20B—Complimentary surface of Velcro fastening method


[0033] FIG. 1—Preferred Embodiment

[0034] A preferred embodiment of cloth pillow top section 14 & bottom section 18 is illustrated in FIG. 1 (side view). FIG. 1 shows a side view of a basic version of cloth pillow, using fancy decorative pieces of fabric for both top section 14 & bottom section 18 that are attached to each other by sewing top section 14 to bottom section 18. FIG. 1 is two pieces of fancy fabric making top section 14 and bottom section 18 with hollow out hole 16A extending halfway down, into center depth of pillow and having lining 16B inside entire hollow out hole 16A. On FIG. 1 of pillow shows entire, small removable box 12 partially inserted into said hollow out hole 16A and also showing removable box 12 with one surface of Velcro 20B fastening method on bottom of said removable box 12.

[0035] FIG. 2—Additional Embodiments

[0036] FIG. 2 shows top section 14 of cloth pillow with hollow out hole 16A in center of pillow revealing lining 16B of inside of hollow out hole 16A having other, complimentary surface of Velcro 20A fastening method adhered to lining 16B.

[0037] Advantages

[0038] From the description above, a number of advantages of cloth ring-pillow with hollow out hole and removable box become evident:

[0039] a.) With the use of a box to hold wedding rings, one can feel secure that rings will not be damaged if pillow, or box that holds rings, is dropped.

[0040] b.) By using this style of ring-pillow, one may remove the decorated box to use and display, possibly as an heirloom, for years to come.

[0041] c.) The use of an additional fastening method, such as Velcro, gives added assurance that wedding rings that are inside box will not be damaged or lost during ceremony.

[0042] d.) With the use of Velcro for added fastening security, the ornate box may be removed and placed into bottom of hollow out hole without damaging said box or pillow.

[0043] e.) The present updated style of ring-pillow is much more useful and gives added security to wedding party.

[0044] f.) A variety of different designs and decorations can adorn both removable box and elegant ring-pillow.

[0045] Operation—FIGS. 1 and 2

[0046] As shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, entire removable box 12 is placed into hollow out hole 16A, having lining 16B on inside of said hole 16A, which is on top section 114 of said ring-pillow. A removable box 12 using preferable fastening methods, such as Velcro 20A &20B, on bottom portion 20B of said removable box 12 and complimentary piece of Velcro 20A on inside lining 16B portion of said hole 16A, thereby permitting removable box 12 to be inserted into said hole 16A and removed from said hole 16A repeatedly without harming said pillow 14 &18 or said removable box 12. Additionally, said removable box 12 may be removed entirely from said ring-pillow 14 &18 and displayed separately from said ring-pillow 14 &18 after or before ceremony.

[0047] Conclusion, Ramifications, and Scope

[0048] Thus, the reader will see that a cloth ring-pillow with hollow out hole and removable box of this invention can be used with confidence, both easily and without damage to either pillow or box. In addition, when box is removed from pillow, it may be used and displaced separately from said pillow, making this invention both elegant as well as practical.

[0049] Furthermore, a cloth ring-pillow with hollow out hole and removable box has the additional advantages in that:

[0050] a hollow out hole adds security over previous ring pillows;

[0051] a removable box provides added protection to rings incase box or pillow should be dropped during procession;

[0052] a removable and ornate box permits an elegant addition to any dresser or wherever box is displayed;

[0053] added security of Velcro fastening method allows box to be removed from and reinserted into hole in pillow repeatedly, without damaging pillow or box.

[0054] Although the description above contains many specificities, these should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention but as merely providing illustrations of some of the presently preferred embodiments of this invention. For example, pillow and box can be in any size or shape, such as lozenge, circular, oval, triangular, square, etc. and pillow and box may be made of and ornately decorated with any number of fancy fabrics such as velvet, satin, moiré, lace, fringe, piping, etc.

[0055] Accordingly, the scope of the invention should be determined by the appended claims and their legal equivalents, rather than by the examples given.