Rainbow fresh/clean & fresh bathroom/toilet liners
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Said Rainbow Fresh/Clean & Fresh disposable & washable Bathroom/toilet liners/Pads fit/stick to/around the bottom rim of the toilet seat. Some of said liners are designed to stick to or fit/attach snugly around the base of the toilet against the floor. Other said liners stick to the base of the toilet on each side. Said liners absorb moisture, urine, stains and fight germs. Said liners deodorize. Said liners that fit around the floor and some used at the base of the toilet at each side are washable. Some of said Rainbow Liners form the color of a rainbow as the absorption process takes place. The Clean & Fresh liners do not form the color of a rainbow.

Jarvis, Darlene Denise (Fredericksburg, VA, US)
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A47K17/00; (IPC1-7): A47K13/14
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Darlene J. Davis (Fredericksburg, VA, US)

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A Disposable and washable absorbent bathroom/toilet liners/pads of various shapes which cause said liners to fit, attach to, stick to/underneath the toilet seat/rim, at the base of the toilet on each side, and others, snugly around the toilet against the floor.

2. a liner/pad of claim 1 wherein consist of quilted absorbent layers and other means which cause said liners to absorb and lock in moisture/urine, stains and germs.

3. Some of said liners/pads in claim number 1 wherein contains means and substances to cause said liners to deodorize.

4. a liner/disposable pad in claim number 1 contains means and substances such as gels, and or dyes to cause said liners to form a rainbow of colors as the absorption process takes place.

5. Some of said disposable liners of claim 1 are already designed with the colors of a rainbow.

6. Some of said liners of claim number 1 (the Clean & Fresh Liners) do not change colors like the rainbow liners as the absorption process takes place.

7. Said washable liners and said disposable liners/pads of claims 1 &8 can be used around the base of the toilet against the floor and on the base of the toilet at each side.

8. Said washable liners/pads of claim 8 are comprised of at least cloths/fabrics and wherein at least a long sponge exist to absorb stains.

9. Some of said washable liners of claim 8 consist of various fabric prints and decorative designs and some are plain.

10. Said disposable liners of claim 1 contain means to prevent staining of the toilet seat wherein close tight contact with the toilet rim/seat is made and locks in moisture.

11. Said liners contain means/substance which acts as a moisture barrier.

12. Said liners of claim 1&8 contain means such as velcro or adhesive tapes, or glues, and or other mean which cause said liners to stick firmly to seat/rim, floor and base of toilet.

13. Said Rainbow liners of claim 1 wherein contains means such as colored dye granules and threads wherein moisture activates and produces a rainbow of colors.



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[0004] Said invention pertains to the field of disposable and washable sanitary products/materials used for absorbing stains, cleaning, and deodorizing.


[0005] I invented/created said liners/pads after my children-boys—kept urinating on the floors around the toilet. Said liners/pads do not have to be used at all times. I am of the opinion that you still need to, at times, clean your bathroom/toilet with rags, brushes, etc. However, these liners are great to use when you're about to get behind on your housework and you need a little support. You might refer to the liners as “A HELPING HAND.” These liners can also be used when you're expecting company or overnight guest within a few days and you'd like to keep the toilet as clean and fresh as possible until they arrive, you're not feeling well and are unable to do a lot of cleaning for a while, you've been injured and need assistance in keeping the bathroom clean or you have small children who frequently soil the bathroom and you need to use the liners at times. These are all advantages of said liners/pads. These liners greatly decrease the amount of scrubbing and cleaning you have to do to your bathroom toilet and floor. Some of the said liners that fit around the base of the toilet are washable and can be used over and over again. Others are conveniently disposable. Another advantage of said liners is that unlike bathroom wipes that may be on the market, said liners do the work (wiping) for you by sticking to the rim and floor and absorbing the stains. And since these liners remain on the toilet rim and floor until disposed of or washed, you get more than a one time use from them. This cuts down on the amount of disposable waste.


[0006] FIGS. 1 & 1A. depicts said Clean & Fresh disposable liners/pads which contain means to fit/attach/stick snugly around rim of toilet. Said liners contains means to absorb moisture, deodorize, and fight germs.

[0007] FIG. 1B. depicts Rainbow Fresh disposable liners which contain means to form the colors of a rainbow as the absorption process takes place. Some of said liners already contain the rainbow design.

[0008] FIGS. 2 & 2A. depicts said disposable liners used at the base of the toilet on each side.

[0009] FIG. 3. depicts said disposable liners containing of means to absorb moisture stains and deodorize and shaped to fit snugly around the toilet against the floor.

[0010] FIG. 3A. depicts said washable liners fit snugly around the base of the toilet at the floor and contain means to absorb moisture, stains and some deodorize.


[0011] Said Rainbow Fresh/Clean & Fresh Bathroom/Toilet Liners/Pads are disposable and some are washable toilet liners. Said liners are made for bathrooms and shaped to fit around the rim of the toilet seat 1, at the base of the toilet on each side 2, and around the base of the toilet against the floor3. Said liners are firm, flexible, durable, and contain means to absorb and lock in stains and moisture, produce fragrance, deodorize, and fight germs. Some of the liners 4,5,6 consist of a plastic film that makes contact with the toilet seat to prevent staining and a top coat that acts as a moisture barrier. Paper products, fabrics, cottons, gel blends help absorb stains and moisture. Some of said liners consist of cloth and sponges which contain means to absorb moisture and stains 7,8. In making the product, a machine and or pattern shaped like the drawing of said inventions is and can be used to produce/cut out the accurate shapes of said liners. Then, in the manufacturing of said liners wherein and consisting of materials such as cottons, quilted inner layers 9, 10, 11, 27, 28 and other absorbent materials and deodorizers 16 17 25, embossed polyethylene and or terigyco 18, plastics, gel blends/granules 12, 13 dyes 14, sponges,7 rubbers, paper products 15, fragrances and other substances some or all of which cause said liners to function as specified; some of which can be and often are used. Said liners consisting of adhesive tapes, threads, glues 19, 20, 21 22 or velcros or metal hooks 23, are used to attach, fit, or secure said liners to toilet or floor around toilet. Said rainbow liners contain means such as colored dye granules 24 and threads wherein moisture is received and activates/produces a rainbow of colors. You can and should dispose of liners in x amount of time when the liner appears to have reached its full capacity to absorb, or in some cases when the liner had thickened darkened or changed textures or in some cases when blue line other color appears.