The original bubble nails
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The Original Bubble Nails enables women to paint their fingernails and still be active while their wet finger nails dry within The Original Bubble Nails protective plastic form. Currently, this invention is a totally new and desired concept and mechanism to the market and beauty industry. The Original Bubble Nails eliminates other forms of drying wet fingernails because it encloses and totally protects wet fingernails in a protective form so wet nails can dry flawlessly. Other forms of drying nails have failed, having several downfalls, The Original Bubble Nails overcomes any problems and eliminates any other options for drying fingernails.

Cain-kozma, Angela Brooke (Sarasota, FL, US)
Kozma, Zachary Mark (Sarasota, FL, US)
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A45D29/00; (IPC1-7): A45D29/00
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Angela B. Cain-Kozma (Sarasota, FL, US)

We claim as our invention is:

1. The Original Bubble Nails.

2. The Original Bubble Nails is our invention that we have created to fit around the end of fingers.

3. The Bubble Nails form encloses wet fingernails in a protective plastic dome to help dry fingernails and prevent nicks and smudges.



[0001] The Original Bubble Nails will snap on the finger after the first knuckle. Stabilizing the finger in a foam cradle while the wet nail is protected in a hard plastic dome that promotes drying by air circulation holes. Once wet fingernails are dry, women can unsnap their Bubble Nails and store them for their next use.

[0002] The Original Bubble Nails will allow women to paint their nails and still be active while their fingernails are still wet. Instead of holding their hands in the air away from things that may damage them, women can put on their seat belt, drive, sleep and still carry out daily activities without jeopardizing their freshly manicured fingernails.


[0003] The Original Bubble Nails is a plastic form that fits over the ends of finger tips to protect wet nails from nicks and smudges. The plastic form encompasses the finger at the first knuckle, enclosing the wet fingernail in a protective dome.

[0004] Bubble Nails is hinged on one side so that the form can open and fit around the finger with clasps on the other side to shut the form around the finger.

[0005] Bubble Nails has circulation holes in the top dome to ensure air circulation as well as a foam liner in the cradle of the Bubble Nail form to accommodate for a variety of finger sizes.

[0006] The Original Bubble Nails will be sold ten to a pack and can be reused multiple times.


[0007] The Original Bubble Nails have been created to help protect and alleviate smudges and nicks to wet finger nails. Rather than waiting for wet fingernails to dry, women can protect their newly manicured nails by snapping on The Original Bubble Nails, encompassing their first knuckle and fingernail in a protective plastic form which provides a hard plastic dome for wet finger nails to be surrounded in.


[0008] Currently, this is the only invention in the beauty industry of its' kind. Previously, women have used a top coat nail polish to help dry finger nails, hours of favoring their wet nails till they are dry, hand dryers that blow cool air onto fingernails and aerosol drying sprays.

[0009] However, in the medical field there is a similar mechanism that wraps around the finger, acting as a brace for broken bones. This product, used in the medical field only promotes the healing of broken bones and sprains and does not enclose the fingernail in a plastic dome to promote drying of wet fingernails.