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Some of the greatest innovations and advances in technologies have come from the halls and labs of universities around the world. Below are some selected university patents that may be of interest to you. You may also wish to browse by University.

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University of MinnesotaContrast from rotating frame relaxation by adiabatic pulses
Invention for magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and more particularly to contrast from rotating frame relaxation by adiabatic pulses.
University of Southern CaliforniaComplexes with tridentate ligands
Relating to organic light emitting devices (OLEDs), and more specifically to phosphorescent organic materials used in such devices.
University of MinnesotaElectrospraying apparatus and method for coating particles
An electrospraying apparatus and/or method is used to coat particles. For example, a flow including at least one liquid suspension may be provided through at least one opening at a spray dispenser end.
University of TexasSystem for creating a turbulent flow of fluid between a mold and a substrate
Flow of a fluid between a mold, disposed on a template, and a substrate, the system including, a fluid supply system; and a chuck body having a baffle and first and second apertures - disposed between the baffle and the template, with the first and second apertures in fluid communication with the fluid supply system.
Emory UniversityViruses targeted to hypoxic cells and tissues
The novel compositions of the invention comprise a recombinant virus genetically engineered to have a hypoxia/HIF-responsive element, or a multiplicity of such elements, operably linked to a promoter which operably linked to a nucleic acids encoding a peptides which regulates or modulates replication of the virus and/or encode a therapeutic molecule.
University of ColoradoMutant forms of cholera holotoxin as an adjuvant
Mutant cholera holotoxins are useful as adjuvants in immunogenic compositions to enhance the immune response in a vertebrate host to a selected antigen from a pathogenic bacterium, virus, fungus, or parasite, a cancer cell, a tumor cell, an allergen, or a self-molecule.
Texas A&M UniversityAdvanced optics for rapidly patterned laser profiles in analytical spectrometry
Arrangement of optical devices for the rapid patterning of laser profiles used for desorption and/or ionization sources in analytical mass spectrometry.
University of California OaklandNanoscale mass conveyors
Individually delivering chargeable atoms or molecules from source particles by mass transport. It comprises a channel; at least one source particle of chargeable material fixed to the surface of the channel at a position along its length; a means of heating the channel; and a means for applying an controllable electric field along the channel, whereby the device transports the atoms or molecules along the channel in response to applied electric field. In a preferred embodimen
University of California OaklandNeutron tubes
A neutron tube or generator is based on a RF driven plasma ion source having a quartz or other chamber surrounded by an external RF antenna. A deuterium or mixed deuterium/tritium (or even just a tritium) plasma is generated in the chamber and D or D/T (or T) ions are extracted from the plasma. A neutron generating target is positioned so that the ion beam is incident thereon and loads the target. Incident ions cause D-D or D-T (or T-T) reactions which generate neutrons. Vari
University of IllinoisFluorescence based biosensor
A novel biosensor comprises at least one fluorophore and at least two quenchers, and is capable of selectively and specifically detecting the presence of an ion in the presence of other ions.
University of IllinoisApparatus for froth cleaning
A process of separating a desired constituent from a mixture of particulate matter including the steps of: conditioning a liquid mixture of particulate matter with a frothing agent to create a pulp; aerating the pulp to generate a float fraction of froth supported on the surface of a non-float fraction of pulp; separating a portion of froth from the float fraction; draining the separated froth; washing the separated froth with a liquid to dislodge particles comprising one or
University of MiamiCardiopulmonary patient simulator
A simulator for simulating a pulse in a manikin comprises a manikin body. The simulator further comprises a first magnet and a second magnet disposed opposite to each other and spaced apart from each other. The first magnet and second magnet comprise two juxtaposed first and second sub-magnets. The first and second juxtaposed sub-magnets in each magnet are oriented substantially in opposite directions. The first magnet and the second magnet are positioned such that the first
University of MassachusettsSystem for quantitative radiographic imaging
A system for spectroscopic imaging of bodily tissue in which a scintillation screen and a charged coupled device (CCD) are used to accurately image selected tissue. Applications include the imaging of radionuclide distributions within the human body or the use of a dual energy source to provide a dual photon bone densitometry apparatus that uses stationary or scanning acquisition techniques. An x-ray source generates x-rays which pass through a region of a subject's body, for
Leland Stanford Junior UniversityElectroosmotic micropump with planar features
An electroosmotic micropump having a plurality of thin, closely-spaced, approximately planar, transversel aligned partitions formed in or on a substrate, among which electroosmotic flow (EOF) is generated. Electrodes are located within enclosed inlet and outlet manifolds on either side of the partition array. Inlet and outlet ports enable fluid to be pumped into and through the micropump and through an external friction load or head. Insulating layer coatings on the formed su
Vanderbilt UniversityIntervertebral disc replacement prosthesis
An intervertebral disc prosthesis for placement between a first vertebra and a second vertebra adjacent to the first vertebra. In one embodiment, the intervertebral disc prosthesis includes a resilient member, a first support member and a second support member. The first support member and the second support member are housed into the resilient member that is arranged, in use, to be secured to the first vertebra and the second vertebra, respectively. The intervertebral disc p
University of FloridaMethod of making nanoparticles
Disclosed are silica-coated nanoparticles and a process for producing silica-coated nanoparticles. Silica-coated nanoparticles are prepared by precipitating nano-sized cores from reagents dissolved in the aqueous compartment of a water-in-oil microemulsion. A reactive silicate is added to coat the cores with silica. Also disclosed are methods for functionalizing silica-coated nanoparticles for use in a variety of applications.
Washington University St. LouisHCV variants
HCV variants are described. The variants include polynucleotides comprising non-naturally occurring HCV sequences and HCV variants that have a transfection efficiency and ability to survive subpassage greater than HCV that have wild-type polyprotein coding regions. Expression vectors comprising the above polynucleotides and HCV variants are also described, as are the provision of cells and host cells comprising the expression vectors. Methods for identifying a cell line that
University of Texas & MITViral fibers
Long rod shaped M13 viruses were used to fabricate one dimensional (1D) micro- and nanosized diameter fibers by mimic the spinning process of the silk spider. Liquid crystalline virus suspensions were extruded through the micrometer diameter capillary tubes in cross-linking solution (glutaraldehyde). Resulting fibers were tens of micrometers in diameter depending on the inner diameter of the capillary tip. AFM image verified that molecular long axis of the virus fibers were p
Lousiana State UniversityHerbicide resistant rice
Rice plants are disclosed with multiple sources of resistance to herbicides that normally inhibit a plant's acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) enzyme. Besides controlling red rice, many AHAS-inhibiting herbicides also effectively control other weeds that are common in rice fields. Several of these herbicides have residual activity, so that one treatment can control both existing weeds and weeds that sprout later. With effective residual activity against red rice and other weeds
State University of New JerseyCytotoxic agents
The invention provides compounds of the invention pharmaceutical compositions comprising a compound of the invention, processes for preparing compounds of the invention, intermediates useful for preparing compounds of the invention, and therapeutic methods for treating cancer and other topoisomerase mediated conditions.
University of MichiganNanoemulsion vaccines
The present invention provides methods and compositions for the stimulation of immune responses. Specifically, the present invention provides methods and compositions for the use of nanoemulsion compounds as mucosal adjuvants to induce immunity against environmental pathogens. Accordingly, in some embodiments, the present invention provides nanoemulsion vaccines comprising a nanoemulsion and an inactivated pathogen or protein derived from the pathogen. The present invention t
University of UtahTitanium boride coatings on titanium surfaces and associated methods
A borided titanium article can include a titanium mass having titanium monoboride whiskers infiltrating inward from a surface of the titanium mass to form an integral surface hardened region. The titanium mass can be almost any titanium based metal or alloy such as high purity titanium, commercial grade titanium, a-titanium alloy, a+� titanium alloy, �-titanium alloy, titanium composite, and combinations thereof. Borided titanium articles can be formed by methods which includ
University of Southern CaliforniaScanning devices for three-dimensional ultrasound mammography
A breast tomography scanner including a stationary chamber configured to hold fluid, a movable chamber within the stationary chamber configured to hold fluid, and breast scanning apparatus. Various configurations for housing the ultrasonic transducers are disclosed, along with filling and draining apparatus, leakage protections turbulence-reduction configurations and control systems.
University of California OaklandMemory devices based on electric field programmable films
A composition for the formation of an electric field programmable film, the composition comprising a matrix precursor composition or a dielectric matrix material, wherein the dielectric matrix material comprises an organic polymer and/or a inorganic oxide; and an electron donor and an electron acceptor of a type and in an amount effective to provide electric field programming. The films are of utility in data storage devices.
Clemson UniversityControlled eutrophication system and process
A controlled eutrophication system and process are disclosed. The system includes the combination of a partitioned aquaculture system in conjunction with an anaerobic digester. Wastewater containing pollutants, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, are fed to the partitioned aquaculture system. Algae within the system converts the pollutants into algal biomass. Fish populations, in turn, control the algal populations. The fish populations may then be periodically harvested for hum
University of ConnecticutAlbumin-free factor VIII formulations
A Factor VIII composition formulated without albumin, comprising the following formulation excipients in addition to Factor VIII: 4% to 10% of a bulking agent selected from the group consisting of mannitol, glycine and alanine; 1% to 4% of a stabilizing agent selected from the group consisting of sucrose, trehalose, raffinose, and arginine; 1 mM to 5 mM calcium salt; 100 mM to 300 mM NaCl; and a buffering agent for maintaining a pH of approximately between 6 and 8. Alternativ
Clemson University Research FoundationElastin stabilization of connective tissue
A method and product are provided for the treatment of connective tissue weakened due to destruction of tissue architecture, and in particular due to elastin degradation. The treatment agents employ certain unique properties of phenolic compounds to develop a protocol for reducing elastin degradation, such as that occurring during aneurysm formation in vasculature. According to the invention, elastin can be stabilized in vivo and destruction of connective tissue, such as that
Oklahoma State UniversityMethod and apparatus for magnetic float polishing
A method of polishing workpieces in a magnetic float polishing chamber comprising a lower chamber piece and an upper chamber piece which is removably receivable in the lower chamber piece and is connected to a powered spindle for rotating the upper chamber piece in the polishing operation. The method preferably comprises one or more of the steps of (a) geometrically aligning the upper chamber piece with the powered spindle by machining the upper chamber piece in-situ, (b) mac
University of IllinoisMultifunctional probe array system
A probe array for includes a handle, a first probe and a second probe. The first probe has a first shank, connected to the handle, and a first tip; and the second probe has a second shank, connected to the handle, and second tip. The first tip contains a different material from the second tip. The probe array may be used to write on a surface by contacting the first tip with a surface, where a first ink is on the first tip. This writing method may further include lifting the
University of MinnesotaCatalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
A process for the production of a reaction product including a carbon containing compound. The process includes providing a film of a fuel source including at least one organic compound on a wall of a reactor, contacting the fuel source with a source of oxygen, forming a vaporized mixture of fuel and oxygen, and contacting the vaporized mixture of fuel and oxygen with a catalyst under conditions effective to produce a reaction product including a carbon containing compound. P
University of California OaklandSolar thermal aircraft
A solar thermal powered aircraft powered by heat energy from the sun. A heat engine, such as a Stirling engine, is carried by the aircraft body for producing power for a propulsion mechanism, such as a propeller. The heat engine has a thermal battery in thermal contact with it so that heat is supplied from the thermal battery. A solar concentrator, such as reflective parabolic trough, is movably connected to an optically transparent section of the aircraft body for receiving
New York UniversityBrain-machine interface systems and methods
A system and method for interfacing a brain with a machine. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention employs a vascular approach in which one or more nano-electrodes are deployed in vasculature having a close geometric relationship with proximal innervation. Each nano-electrode is preferably deployed in a blood vessel so that its sensing end is at or near a nerve passing close to or intersecting the blood vessel. The sensing end of each nano-electrode is adapted so as
Brigham Young UniversityOut-of-position friction stir welding of high melting temperature alloys
A system and method for performing friction stir welding of non-planar materials having high melting temperatures, wherein a process is provided for performing longitudinal and radial welds on objects such as pipes, flanges, tanks, and shrouds, and wherein an active or passive mandrel provides support for the friction stir welding process.
University of UtahContainer for carrying out and monitoring biological processes
A thermal cycling method and device is disclosed. The device comprises a sample chamber whose temperature can be rapidly and accurately modulated over a range of temperatures needed to carry out a number of biological procedures, such as the DNA polymerase chain reaction. Biological samples are placed in containers each comprising a reservoir and a reaction portion, wherein the reaction portion has a small volume. The small volume reaction portion permits the rapid and accura
Utah State UnivesityThermoacoustic cooling device
A thermoacoustic cooling system for cooling an object such as a microelectronic chip. Heat produced by the object is transferred to a thermoacoustic engine. The thermoacoustic engine may include a resonator defining a chamber. A stack may be positioned in the chamber with one side of the stack adjacent to the heat source, and the opposite side of the stack adjacent to air in the chamber having a relatively cooler temperature. One or more orifices may be formed in the resonato
Oregon StateAdhesive compositions and methods of using and making the same
Adhesive compositions produced from abundant and renewable resources such as lignocellulosic materials, particularly decayed lignocellulosic materials or demethylated lignin. Other components present in particular examples of the adhesive compositions include relatively inexpensive materials, such as borates and/or polyethyleneimine. Also disclosed are lignocellulosic composites that are made from the adhesive compositions.
University of OklahomaElectric-field meter having current compensation
An electric-field meter provided with a housing, an electrode assembly, a shield assembly, a movement assembly, a position detection assembly, a charge measurement circuit, and a leakage current compensation circuit. The electric-field meter can be characterized as a field mill, an induction voltmeter, an electrostatic fluxmeter or an agrimeter. The electrode assembly is selectively exposed to the electric field. The shield assembly alternately covers and exposes the electrod
Oregon Health Sciences UniversityMethods for identifying an analog that promotes nerve regeneration
Analogs of FK506 that do not bind FKBP-12 have been found to effectively promote nerve cell growth and regeneration, thereby speeding functional recovery of damaged nervous tissue and axonal regeneration without causing immunosuppression.
New York UniversityRecombinant A2-specific TNFα-specific antibodies
Anti-TNF antibodies, fragments and regions thereof which are specific for human tumor necrosis factor-a (TNFa) and are useful in vivo diagnosis and therapy of a number of TNFa-mediated pathologies and conditions, as well as polynucleotides coding for murine and chimeric antibodies, methods of producing the antibody, methods of use of the anti-TNF antibody, or fragment, region or derivative thereof, in immunoassays and immunotherapeutic approaches are provided.
University of California OaklandAssays for detecting modulators of cytoskeletal function
Described herein are methods of identifying compounds which modulate the activity of the cytoskeletal system. The methods are rapid, convenient and sensitive. Preferably, the method is used to identify lead compounds that can be used as therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural agents. Generally, test compounds are added to two cytoskeletal components which bind to one another, to determine whether the binding is affected by the test compound. Wherein the binding is affected
University of MichiganCompositions and methods for analysis of nucleic acids
Disclosed are a number of methods that can be used in a variety of embodiments, including, creation of a nucleic acid terminated at one or more selected bases, sequence analysis of nucleic acids, mapping of sequence motifs within a nucleic acid, positional mapping of nucleic acid clones, and analysis of telomeric regions. The methods utilize double-stranded templates, and in most aspects involve a strand replacement reaction initiated at one or more random or specific locatio
New York University School of MedicineMethod for dissolving nanostructural materials
High solubility of pristine single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes using electron donors as solubilizers has been observed. The resulting carbon nanotube solution can be readily diluted with other organic solvents, such as acetone, toluene and methanol. SEM after solvent evaporation clearly shows that nanotubes are still present after being subjected to this procedure. Electronic absorption of these solutions is observed in both the UV and visible region. Strong light emiss
Rice UniversityNitric oxide-producing hydrogel materials
Hydrogels releasing or producing NO, most preferably photopolymerizable biodegradable hydrogels capable of releasing physiological amounts of NO for prolonged periods of time, are applied to sites on or in a patient in need of treatment thereof for disorders such as restenosis, thrombosis, asthma, wound healing, arthritis, penile erectile dysfunction or other conditions where NO plays a significant role. The hydrogels are typically formed of macromers, which preferably includ
University of PennsylvaniaOptical guidance system for invasive catheter placement
Light from a small laser diode is inserted in a distal end of a catheter and passed through an optical fiber that is either included in the lumen or incorporated into the wall of an invasive catheter tube during manufacture. The light is selected to be of a wavelength that is minimally absorbed by tissue, preferably in the range from about 620 nm to 1100 nm. 780 nm is preferably used as this is where the tissue absorption is near a minimum. The light passes out the end of the
University of NevadaTunable magneto-rheological elastomers and processes for their manufacture
Novel magnetorheological elastomer compositions are provided. The magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) may have aligned or randomly arranged magnetizable particles in a thermoset or thermoplastic matrix. The magnetizable particles may be coated to reduce corrosion and/or improve bonding between the particle and the matrix. The magnetizable particles may be flake-shaped. The MREs may have matrices selected from the group consisting of hydrogenated nitrile rubbers, butyl rubber
University of ConnecticutRetro-anandamides, high affinity and stability cannabinoid receptor ligands
Novel retro-anandamides are presented which have high affinities for the cannabinoid CB1 and/or CB2 receptor sites. Further, most of the analogs exhibit greater metabolic stability than arachidonylethanolamide. The improved receptor affinity and selectivity and/or greater metabolic stability make these analogs therapeutically useful as medications in individuals and animals for treatment of pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, nausea associated with chemotherapy, as well as suppression
Princeton UniversityOLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Organic light emitting devices are Disclosed which are comprised of a heterostructure for producing electroluminescence wherein the heterostructure is comprised of an emissive layer containing a phosphorescent dopant compound. For example, the phosphorescent dopant compound may be comprised of platinum octaethylporphine (PtOEP), which is a compound
Michigan StateEnvironmentally friendly polylactide-based composite formulations
Polymeric materials and products, including sheet flooring materials prepared from the polymeric materials, and processes for preparing the polymeric materials, are disclosed. The polymeric materials include a polylactic acid-based polymer in combination with plasticizer and a compatibilizer, and optionally include a filler. The polymeric material can include between about 30 to about 50 percent by weight polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene glycol, polyglycolide, ethylene vinyl
University of WashingtonSwitchable window based on electrochromic polymers
Syntheses of a new blue EC monomer (ProDOT-MePro), and a new red EC monomer (ProDOP-Et2) are described. Two additional new types of EC monomers based on 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene include fluorinated EC monomers and an EC monomer including silicon. EC polymer devices having more than one different color EC polymer to enable additional colors to be provided using subtractive color mixing are also described, as well as EC polymer devices incorporating a logo, image, or text, ar
University of Southern CaliforniaAmino amides, peptides and peptidomimetics
Synthetic methods and compounds involving amino amides, peptides and peptidomimetics. Amino amide derivatives are prepared via the one-step three-component reaction of a glyoxamide, an amine, and an organoboron derivative. Conversion of the product to another glyoxamide intermediate allows the iterative use of this chemistry for the synthesis of peptides and peptidomimetics.
Florida State University ResearchTaxanes having a C10 carbonate substituent
Taxanes having a methylcarbonate or ethylcarbonate substituent at C(10), a hydroxy substituent at C(7), and a range of C(13) side chain substituents.
University of MissouriLight scattering detector
The invention concerns high sensitivity light scattering detection and its application to evaporative light scattering detection in liquid chromatography. The exemplary embodiment includes a detection cell to accept particles suspended in a gas stream and permit a polarized light beam to pass through a trajectory of the particles and gas stream. A sample light detector is disposed to detect light scattered in the detection cell. A light trap accepts the polarized beam after i
University of California OaklandMethods and compositions for treating male erectile dysfunction
The invention provides a method for preventing or treating male erectile dysfunction or female sexual arousal disorder by administering an effective amount of one or more factors from a group of factors including vascular endothelial growth factor, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, basic fibroblast growth factor, neurotrophin-3, neurotrophin-4, or angiopoietin-1, wherein the factor is a full length protein or a nucleic acid encoding the factor, or a functional derivative or
University of California OaklandNucleic acid encoding G-protein coupled receptor with modified DRY motif
The invention provides methods for establishing electrical coupling between cardiomyocytes and recombinant cells which have been genetically engineered to express a connexin protein such as connexin 43 (Cx43) protein. The invention is based on the discovery that genetic modification of skeletal muscle cells to express a recombinant connexin, enables the genetically modified cells to establish electrocommunication with cardiac cells via gap junctions. The recombinant connexin-
University of California OaklandMethods and compositions for correction of cardiac conduction disturbances
The invention provides methods for establishing electrical coupling between cardiomyocytes and recombinant cells which have been genetically engineered to express a connexin protein such as connexin 43 (Cx43) protein. The invention is based on the discovery that genetic modification of skeletal muscle cells to express a recombinant connexin, enables the genetically modified cells to establish electrocommunication with cardiac cells via gap junctions. The recombinant connexin-
University of MinnesotaModified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
The invention provides vitamin K-dependent polypeptides with enhanced membrane binding affinity. These polypeptides can be used to modulate clot formation in mammals. Methods of modulating clot formation in mammals are also described.
University of Kentucky Research FoundationSynthetic fuel and methods for producing synthetic fuel
The present invention provides synthetic fuels, additives for use in preparing synthetic fuels and methods for producing synthetic fuel. The synthetic fuels include low levels of a chemical change additive selected from the group consisting of alkaline earth oxides and hydroxides and mixtures thereof. In one embodiment, the synthetic fuel further includes low levels of a second chemical change additive, which is a petroleum hydrocarbon material.
University of MichiganCompositions and methods relating to F1F0-ATPase inhibitors and targets thereof
The present invention relates to novel chemical compounds, methods for their discovery, and their therapeutic use. In particular, the present invention provides benzodiazepine derivatives and methods of using benzodiazepine derivatives as therapeutic agents to treat a number of conditions associated with the faulty regulation of the processes of programmed cell death, autoimmunity, inflammation, and hyperproliferation, and the like.
University of Florida Research FoundationMethod of spark-processing silicon and resulting materials
The subject invention pertains to a method of spark processing silicon and resulting materials. The subject invention also relates to electroluminescent devices incorporating the materials produced by the subject method. The subject method for spark-processing can enhance the EL output, as compared with conventional spark-processed (sp) silicon. The enhancement of EL output can be due, at least in part, to increasing the light emitting area. The subject method can smooth the
California Polytechnic State UniversityFlexible fastener
This invention relates generally to a flexible fastener for coupling members. In a preferred embodiment, the flexible fastener may be used to couple members that are non-parallel, non-aligned, or in specific instances when selective compliance in a member is desired. The present invention is directed generally to a fastener that comprises a spiral set of teeth. The spiral set of teeth are configured to allow a nut to travel along at least a portion of the spiral set of teeth.
University of Central Florida Research FoundationHigh efficiency air conditioner condenser fan with performance enhancements
Twisted blades for outdoor air conditioner condensers and heat pumps that improve airflow efficiency to minimize operating power requirements. The blades can run at approximately 850 rpm to produce approximately 1930 cfm of air flow using approximately 110 Watts of power from an 8-pole motor with an improved diffuser assembly. Using an OEM 6-pole ? hp motor produced approximately 2610 cfm with approximately 145 Watts of power while running the blades at approximately 1100 rpm