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SumoBrain Solutions can provide full SAAS for all your database needs with one simple, cost-effective solution.

Catalyst (our cloud-like data management, search, and data analysis engine) handles the functions of an RDBMS, a full-text search, and an infinitely-scalable data analysis and parsing engine, reducing your licensing costs, development costs, infrastructure costs, while at the same time enabling you to turn your data into information in nearly any way you can imagine – and fast!

Imagine powering your web site, your content management system, your product database, your research data, your transaction logs, and more, with one application. One interface. One query language (SQL – which you already know). Now you can get on with running your business rather than worrying about your data.

We developed Catalyst (and our own Catalyst “Cloud”) for our own in-house use. To give you an example of what it can do, we use it to make the world’s patents, biomedical documents, and other literature, all searchable in real-time. Over 50 million full-text documents that can be queried in under a second, using dozens of fields, or natural language.

Plus the ability to run special reports that we call Matrix Queries, which are queries that have 2 or more dimensions to them. For example, “Show me the number of patents issued in the last 20 years (by year) for each of IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nokia, HTC, and Samsung.” We have optimized our software to be able to answer such questions in seconds, whereas that could take a normal database minutes or even hours depending on the number of documents and dimensions.

Talk to us about implementing Catalyst (and the Catalyst “Cloud”) for your company’s data and documents today.



Some clients simply want to access our data, either directly or through our Catalyst engine and are looking to do the integration themselves on their own software/service infrastructure. We can provide access to patent collections, non-patent literature (publications), biomedical documents, and other analytics data.

We offer a powerful API to our Catalyst engine, providing super-fast integrated access to just the data you need for your services/projects. We also provide services for clients who simply want a data extract (from simple Boolean to more complex analytics-driven) to support their research.

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