Existing commercial software is too hard to learn, too expensive, too slow and most of all, too difficult to get to meaningful decision-making information that makes money. Evolve from traditional complex month-long analysis projects to meaningful insights and actionable data today with AcclaimIP.


We began the AcclaimIP project by completely re-envisioning every aspect of patent analysis. For example, AcclaimIP is a web application, but rather than feel confined to a browser window, it looks and feels more like a desktop or workspace area – our whole design philosophy was about simplicity and shortening the time to getting answers to your key patent analysis questions the first time you use the software.

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Custom Data Services


SumoBrain Solutions can provide full SAAS for all your database needs with one simple, cost-effective solution.

Catalyst (our cloud-like data management, search, and data analysis engine) handles the functions of an RDBMS, a full-text search, and an infinitely-scalable data analysis and parsing engine, reducing your licensing costs, development costs, infrastructure costs, while at the same time enabling you to turn your data into information in nearly any way you can imagine – and fast!

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University Services

FreePatentsOnline (FPO) was developed in the classic mould of innovation – the “better mouse trap” – making patent research faster, easier, and more accessible than ever before. Further, it was built with the evolving model of the web and open access – FPO is responsible for much of the democratization of patent data, search, and analytics by bringing it to so many people – and doing so with professional standards (fast and accurate search, up-to-date data, feature-rich tools such as alerts, portfolios, and collaboration).

SumoBrain Solutions continues in this spirit in supporting the University and research communities by offering solutions that address their particular area of focus. From our advanced API and search engine (Catalyst), to data extracts, custom analytics, and other special projects, we continue to support the advancement of understanding and meaningful application of patent data, innovation patterns, and related data and information.

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