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D951924 Vehicle antenna  
D951637 Case with adjustable internal dividers and gaming features  
D951459 Lower dental impression tray  
D951088 Tamper-evident container seal  
D950767 UVC light sanitizer  
D950607 Axial flow air/oil separator  
D950527 Land vehicle antenna  
D950361 Foundation bolt suspension device  
D950319 Glassware  
D949761 Automotive shift gate kit  
D948935 Tea diffuser  
D948871 Handle  
D946772 Posture-correcting brace  
D946769 Epicondylitis support  
D946371 Dunnage bag installation device  
D946235 Gun safe  
D945115 Tee shirt  
D945000 Eye compress  
D944512 Thread spool with needle holder and dispenser  
D944496 Headband with an adjustable strap  
D944495 Headband with an adjustable strap  
D943818 Atomizer tube  
D943069 Fire pit  
D942739 Waistband expander with a covering portion  
D940699 Combination cable organizer and smartphone stand  
D937276 Tablet holder for purse or the like  
D937066 Vehicle panel prop tool  
D937044 Sandwich container  
D936298 Combination collar and leash  
D936280 Cigar case with a humidity pack slot  
D936228 Upper dental impression tray  
D935066 LED headlight housing and front bezel  
D934956 Folding electric personal utility scooter  
D934921 Automatic dunnage bag inflator  
D933940 Resistance band exercise vest  
D932672 Fishing light  
D932579 Collapsible pet tent  
D931782 Golf accessory bag  
D931578 Fedora-style sports cap  
D931572 Fashion accessory  
D930956 Satin bonnet with an adjustable strap  
D930763 Multi-position horizontal elliptical exercise cycle  
D930482 Bottle with handle  
D930459 Foam holder for items  
D930369 Stretcher bar frame  
D929674 Flying disk with pet grasping lip assembly  
D928461 Hat  
D928327 Upper dental impression tray  
D928304 Face mask with adjustable ear loops  
D927834 Combined mask with headwear  

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