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D899554 Wearable controlled release device for dispersion of active ingredients and substances  
D899542 Self-balancing skateboard  
D898504 Egg boiling tray  
D898257 Fishing and shrimping light  
D897468 Self-balancing skateboard  
D897323 Vehicle antenna  
D896801 Extendible vehicle antenna  
D896787 Interchangeable vehicle antenna  
D896691 Flower box  
D896475 Twist knitted ponytail hat with a visor  
D896325 Kettlebell handle  
D895232 Set of medical scrubs with longsleeves  
D894638 Place setting overlay for a table  
D894525 Goal tracker container  
D894027 Weight scale assembly  
D893644 Novelty button  
D893614 Scratch-off world map with landmarks  
D892965 Firearm barricade shooting and training aid  
D892772 Headphone stand  
D892658 Weight scale assembly  
D892519 Place setting overlay for a table  
D892473 Headwear clip  
D892463 Knit cap with ponytail aperture  
D892462 Knitted hat with detachable pom-pom  
D892461 Hat  
D892438 Pocket adornment  
D892245 Skateboard  
D891857 Collapsible glass microwave cover  
D891148 Mattress with a cloud element  
D890814 Centripetal air/oil separator for pressurized wet sump oiling systems  
D890663 License plate mounting bracket  
D889604 Faucet attachment valve handle  
D889151 Chair  
D889140 Carpet pad  
D889070 Glove with loop fastener  
D888984 Chemical caddy  
D888850 Strength training power sled  
D888592 Weight scale  
D888502 Bottle drainer  
D887680 Apron  
D887603 Fishing light  
D887257 Foundation bolt suspension device  
D887133 Dive fin organizer  
D886919 Exercise bench  
D886549 Combined grill mat and utensil holder  
D885144 Lunch box  
D885135 Martini glass  
D884828 Vertical post fishing pole holder  
D884283 Pair of makeup cases  
D883895 Truck bed  

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