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FreePatentsOnline is developing tools to make searching world’s patent data easier and more convenient. If you have suggestions for other tools, please let us know!

Google Toolbar Button

The FPO Google Toolbar Button allows you to add a FreePatentsOnline icon to the Google toolbar.  This makes FreePatentsOnline's search engine instantly available no matter where you are.

You need the Google Toolbar to use the FPO Google Toolbar button.  If you already have the Google Toolbar,
Install the FPO Google Toolbar Button

If you do not have the Google Toolbar, you can install it with
Install the Google Toolbar (version 4 or higher required for IE, or version 1.5 or higher for Firefox)

Once you have the FPO Toolbar Button installed, there are two ways to use the toolbar:

First, you can highlight text on any web page and then click the FreePatentsOnline icon on the Google Toolbar. It will instantly search the FPO patent database for the highlighted terms - a great way to find topic-specific patents, or to quickly look up a patent number referenced on another site.

Second, you can select the FPO icon from the drop down in the Google Toolbar search box (you can access the drop down from the arrow to the right of the Google icon). Once you have done that, the FPO icon will replace the Google icon. With the FPO icon selected, anything you type in the search box then searches the FPO patent database instead of Google.

Also, you can find some quick links in the drop-down list accessed from the arrow to the right of the FPO icon on the Google Toolbar. We will update these links from time to time based on new or popular pages on the FPO web site.

Patent Search Widget

You can add patent search to your blog or website in seconds.

This HTML will put the FPO SearchBox on your website or blog:

Click to Select

The FPO SearchBox will look like this:
Advanced Patent Search

Create a Patent Plaque

Create a Patent Plaque to Showcase an Invention

Patent plaques may be used by inventors and companies to showcase their own intellectual property, or by bloggers and journalists who would like an iconic link to a patent being discussed. To create a patent plaque, which automatically generates the code and images you need for a given patent, just fill in the document number and Inventor or Assignee name in the form below.

Document Number:

Inventor/Assignee Name: