Patents on Meters

Listed below are US classes for patents related to meters. You may also wish to view our featured application classes or browse by date.

Patents on Meters
Absorption meters Gravitometer Parking meter type
Actinometer Hemoglobinometer Penetrometers
Aerometer Hot Wire Meters Perimeter structure
AltimetersHub Odometers Period Meter in Nuclear Reactor
Aneroid Barometers Hydrometer Photometer
Areometers Hydrometer combined Photometers
Atmometer Hydrometers Planimeter
Automated postage metersHygrometer Polarimeters
Ballistic galvanometer Inclinometer Postage meter data protection
Bathometer Inclinometer Postage meters
Beta gamma survey meter Intervalometers Potentiometer
Bimetallic thermometer Intervalometers systems Potentiometer common to signal
Bolometer Light meter Potentiometer controller
Borehole inclinometerLight meters Public utility meter
Colorimetric Radiation Dosimeter Magnetometer Radiation survey meter
Cyclometers Manometer Radio wave meter
Dasymeters Measuring testing meters Rate of climb meter
Data protection, postage meters Meter Restringing tension meter
Decelerometer Meter Seismographs or seismometers
Dynamometer Meter Servometer fluid
Electric demand meters Meter Speedometer
Electric frequency metersMeter Speedometer drive type
Electrical service meters Meter Survey meter
Ergometer with feedback Meter Survey Meter Nuclear Energy
Evaporometer Meter adjustment Survey meters
Flicker Beam Photometer Meter electric Telemetering
Flow meter Meter enclosure for Telemetering
Flow meter Meter fluid flow Telemetering using
Flow meter Meter fluid flow Telemetering with photocell sensor
Flow meter Meter having expansible chamber Thermometer
Flow meter Meter hot wire measuring Thermometer
Flow meter having Meter lights Thermometer
Flow meter plural chamber Meters Thermometer
Flow meter single chamber Meters Thermometer
Flowmeter Meters Thermometer combined
Flowmeter variable restriction Meters Thermometer combined
Fluid flow meter Meters Thermometer indicating tube
Fluid flow meter Meters Thermometer tube
Fluid flow meter combined Micrometer Thermometer type
Fluid flow meter diaphragm Micrometers Thermometer, indicating tube
Fluid flow meter piston Microphotometers Thermometers
Fluid flow meter plural Mirror galvanometer Utility metering
GalvanometerModifying thermometers plural zone Variometer
Gamma survey meter Odometer Volume or rate of fluid flow meters
Gas adsorption thermometer Odometer Wave meter
Geiger survey meter Oximeters
Goniometer device Parameter solid element

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Measuring and testing
Signals and indicators
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Optics: measuring and testing
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