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D896456 Large bore vacuum adapter with wheel  
D896457 Hand held scrubbing device  
D896453 Washing machine  
D896458 Drying rack  
D896455 Washing machine  
D896459 Sink shelf  
D896454 Washing machine  
D895917 Cleaning appliance  
D895912 Main body of dehumidifying deodorizing and wrinkle-reducing machine for clothing  
D895916 Vacuum attachment  
D895913 Door for dehumidifying deodorizing and wrinklereducing machine for clothing  
D895911 Dehumidifying deodorizing and wrinkle-reducing machine for clothing  
D895915 Side brush for robotic vacuum cleaner  
D895914 Vacuum system  
D895219 Steam generating apparatus  
D895220 Dish mat  
D894696 Collapsible over the sink basket  
D894511 Dish drying rack  
D894507 Washing machine  
D894510 Container  
D894505 Pressure washer  
D894506 Steamer apparatus  
D894508 Detergent dispenser for washing machine  
D894509 Split paint bucket  
D893817 Dish rack for dishwashing machine  
D893820 Door of clothing caring unit having ironing device  
D893818 Washing machine  
D893819 Robotic vacuum cleaner  
D893118 Paint tray  
D892421 Combined clothesline support and volley ball pole  
D892419 Air blower  
D892420 Adjustable wand for a vacuum cleaner  
D891898 Multifunctional hand tool  
D892182 Washing and curing machine  
D892418 Trailer mounted pressure washer  
D891217 Combination seatbelt cutter and window breaker for use with an ice scraper  
D891717 Multi-purpose paint screen  
D891716 Lid adapter for wet/dry vacuum cleaner with detachable blower  
D891016 Electric sweeper  
D891019 Dustpan  
D891018 Drying rack  
D891015 Vacuum cleaner  
D891017 Dust removing plastic blade for swiper  
D891013 Car vacuum cleaner  
D891014 Vacuum cleaner  
D890457 Robot vacuum  
D890231 Debris container  
D890459 Paint bucket insert  
D890460 Sink attachment  
D890461 Sink accessory