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D838424 Iron with steam generator  
D838074 Dust pan  
D838069 Cleaning robot  
D838070 Abrasive cleaning device  
D838065 Door for washing machine  
D838068 Vacuum cleaner  
D838067 Handheld vacuum cleaner  
D838073 Iron  
D838064 Washing machine  
D838071 Paint tray  
D838062 Dish rack for dishwasher  
D838066 Garment steamer  
D838063 Washing machine  
D838072 Paint container  
D837468 Flow restrictor plate for the inlet of a car wash dryer blower  
D837472 Cleaning pads  
D837469 Vacuum cleaner  
D837471 Pool skimmer adapter plate  
D837349 Washstand with drawers equipped with drier  
D837470 Surface cleaning head with leading roller  
D837467 Dishwasher  
D836918 Scrubbing device  
D836873 Bucket container with handle  
D836872 Mop body  
D836867 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D836860 Washing machine  
D836870 Handle for a brush  
D836862 Body for vacuum cleaner  
D836868 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D836863 Upright vacuum cleaner  
D836874 Paint pail and lid  
D836865 Adjustable wand for a vacuum cleaner  
D836869 Conduit dredge  
D836864 Drum for washing machine  
D836861 Blower  
D836871 Sponge and steel wool pad  
D836876 Paint vessel  
D836875 Paint vessel  
D836866 Hand-carriable vacuum cleaner  
D836271 Door for clothing care machine  
D836268 Washing machine  
D836263 Frontload washing/drying appliance  
D836276 Tile and grout cleaning pad  
D836275 Tile and grout cleaning pad  
D836277 Dustpan  
D836273 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner  
D836266 Door for washing machine  
D836267 Washing machine  
D836262 Nozzle for dishwasher  
D836274 Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaner