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D850743 Heated ice scraper  
D850739 Pipe dredge  
D850742 Scrubbing sponge handle  
D850740 Engine blower  
D850745 Grate cleaning device  
D850735 Washing machine  
D850741 Vacuum cleaner  
D850049 Paint cup  
D850037 Hand held sweeper  
D850042 Grill scraper  
D850031 Dishwasher basket  
D850043 Air nozzle with scraper  
D850033 Washing machine  
D850050 Automatic back washer  
D850038 Vacuum cleaner  
D850048 Paint tray  
D850044 Grill cleaning tool  
D850032 Wheel hub cleaning device  
D850041 Scouring pad  
D849924 Air mover  
D850046 Combination whisk broom with squeegee and dustpan  
D849503 Handle for home appliance  
D850040 Vacuum cleaner base  
D850036 Pipe dredge  
D850045 Grill cleaning tool  
D850039 Cleaning element for a robotic vacuum  
D850030 Ultrasonic cleaner  
D850035 Washing machine  
D850034 Washing machine  
D850047 Mop head  
D849348 Foot-worn scrubbing device  
D849347 Floor duster  
D849344 Surface cleaning system  
D849349 Hand scraper  
D849343 Pool cleaner  
D849345 Roller cleaning unit  
D849340 Pipe dredge  
D849341 Pipe dredge  
D849339 Pipe dredge  
D849342 Pool cleaner  
D849346 CPAP mask-cleaning sponge  
D848687 Dryer  
D848695 Liquid dispensing container  
D848697 Combination paint brush scraper and washsponge holder  
D848693 Drawertype washing machine  
D848696 Paint tray  
D848236 Multipurpose hand tool  
D848694 Bristles of a brush  
D848689 Vacuum cleaner  
D848691 Bristles of a brush