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D896437 Portable cartridge vaporizer  
D896436 Atomizer  
D895892 Disposable cartridge with three sided window  
D895893 Snuffer device  
D895894 Mouthpiece for a portable vaporizer  
D895197 Vaporizer device  
D895200 Electronic cigarette case  
D895199 Electronic cigarette assembly  
D895198 Hookah  
D894477 Auger for glass joint  
D894476 Tobacco suction tool  
D894479 Vaporizer device  
D894478 Vaporizer  
D894481 Cover for a vaporizer device  
D894482 Cigar holder  
D894121 Charging device  
D894480 Lid for vaporizer  
D893798 Electronic cigarette  
D893797 Lighter attachment  
D893095 Case for cigarette products  
D893096 Vaporizer cartridge  
D893094 Electronic cigarette  
D892396 Electronic cigarette  
D892395 Electronic vaping device  
D892397 Electronic cigarette  
D892398 Electronic cigarette  
D891691 Electronic cigarette  
D891693 Combined storage and carrying case  
D891692 Vaporizer  
D890985 Cigar holder  
D890984 Rolling papers with tail  
D890420 Paddle for holding a flight of cone shaped smoking articles  
D890418 Nicotine inhaler  
D890421 Combined storage and carrying case  
D890415 Lighter  
D890419 Nicotine inhaler  
D890417 Cartridge for electronic cigarette  
D890416 Electronic cigarette  
D889740 Smoker's accessory  
D889737 Personal vaporizer  
D889736 Electronic cigarette  
D889738 Electronic cigarette necklace  
D889739 Case  
D889034 Vape device  
D888510 Manual grinder  
D888513 Coaster  
D889033 Electronic cigarette  
D889035 Case  
D887761 Decanter  
D888328 Breathalyzer