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D896401 Beam  
D896336 Outdoor tent  
D896400 Building extrusion  
D896404 Embossed panel  
D896402 Plug device for swimming pool fence system  
D896399 Razor wire  
D896403 Siding panel  
D895404 Support stand frame extrusion  
D895848 Building extrusion  
D895845 Work platform  
D895844 Work platform  
D895415 Safety plate  
D895846 Ladder foot cover  
D895849 Display tile  
D895850 Partition panel  
D895406 Support for framed structure  
D895842 Space closure panel assembly  
D895851 Ceramic tile  
D895847 Brick appearance molded landscape panel  
D895843 Multi-panel space closure assembly  
D895148 Portable meeting room  
D895162 Roofing tile of metal incorporating panel of photovoltaic cells  
D895153 Block for a retaining wall  
D895152 Ladder  
D895163 Paver grid support  
D895147 Transportable room  
D895158 Sound absorbing panel  
D895151 Passage-gate  
D895157 Longitudinal beam  
D895150 Door  
D895156 Building extrusion  
D895159 Sound absorbing panel  
D895161 Modular flooring tile  
D894854 Door enclosure  
D895154 Trim component  
D895149 Dwelling  
D895160 Industrial tile  
D895155 Trim component  
D894433 Tile  
D894431 Self-adhesive non-abrasive industrial tile  
D894432 Tile  
D894430 Resin panel with sector design  
D894427 Mast  
D894428 Post ring  
D894020 Three-dimensional sign  
D894429 Sound absorbing panel  
D894426 Trim component  
D893331 Speed bump  
D893763 Fence post guard  
D893749 Cabinet door and drawer retaining device