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D897535 Mobile clinical viewing tool  
D897553 Multi-analyte test device  
D897523 Nasal cannula body  
D897539 Implement for arranging artificial teeth  
D897551 Massage roller  
D897185 Handle  
D897547 Ankle brace  
D897528 Optical device  
D897522 Ear plug  
D897110 Skin tissue treatment apparatus  
D897554 Ultraviolet sterilization device  
D897534 X-ray collimator  
D897545 Medical patch  
D897552 Sex toy  
D897524 Cover for a patient interface  
D897529 Osteotomy guide talus  
D897536 Fluorometer  
D897186 Handle  
D897184 Handle  
D897606 Mask  
D897530 Intravaginal device  
D897526 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D897109 Skin tissue treatment apparatus  
D897540 Patient table  
D897544 Multifunctional therapeutic workout enhancement brace  
D897527 Fixation handle  
D897532 Surgical tool  
D897537 Surgical apparatus  
D897546 Positional sleeping aid  
D897542 Medical device with indicator light  
D897525 Nasal aspirator  
D897550 Skin treatment apparatus  
D897538 Oral care device  
D897548 Hair growth helmet  
D897555 Assay card  
D897531 Stapling head feature for a surgical stapler  
D897541 Support arm with an extension  
D897533 Oral therapy device  
D897543 Disposable component for vaginal ultrasound therapy device  
D897549 Skin treatment apparatus  
D896965 Controller for equipment  
D896973 Ultrasound probe  
D896966 Controller for equipment  
D896952 Bottle for wound drainage  
D896953 Oral irrigator  
D896974 Hip lifter  
D896648 Tamper-proof cap  
D896976 Bottle support harness  
D896967 Medical imaging apparatus  
D896975 Neck head hammock