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D895763 Water softening device  
D895059 Filter cassette  
D894326 Water testing apparatus  
D890294 Container for dispensing liquids  
D889594 Distributor plate  
D889595 Distributor plate assembly  
D889593 Ultrasonic transducer  
D888485 Water purifier for hot and cool water  
D887761 Decanter  
D885517 Hydrogen water generator  
D885518 Water treatment device  
D884120 Water purification device  
D882727 Floating UV filter  
D882036 Vacuum distillation hose  
D881624 Beverage dispenser  
D882037 Water purifier  
D881334 Laminar flow distribution adapter  
D880652 Water-treatment device  
D879241 Water purifier  
D878844 Liquid dispenser and purifier  
D877856 Short path distillation head  
D876147 Beverage dispenser  
D875881 Short distillation head  
D875880 Short distillation head comprising a vertical tube filled with a key  
D875207 Bioelectrochemical reactor  
D875208 Bioelectrochemical reactor  
D872225 Water purifier  
D872224 Biogrowth support media  
D869604 Fluid dispensing system  
D866236 Liquid dispenser and purifier  
D863720 Beverage purifier  
D862640 Distillation head  
D860387 Vessel for a solid water treatment agent  
D860386 Water disinfection unit  
D860388 Pool chlorinator  
D859581 Hydrogen rich water generator  
D859583 Water disinfection unit  
D859582 Hydrogen rich water cup  
D858690 Water treatment cartridge  
D856531 Vault for chemical injection system  
D855754 Short path distillation head  
D855151 Sterilization kit for water purifier  
D852928 Short path distillation head  
D852318 Water purifier  
D850577 Device for supplying oxygen or other gases to water  
D850576 Cold trap  
D849886 Water purification device  
D849885 Portable hydrogen water generator  
D849884 Electrode plate for hydrogen water generator  
D849187 Distillation head