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D844696 Tablet with card reader  
D844697 Task counter  
D844699 Media processing device  
D844607 Electronic device  
D844698 Payment reader cradle  
D844695 Combined cash counter and printer  
D844702 Portable printer  
D844701 Paper trimmer  
D844045 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D844050 Toner container with icon  
D844049 Type font  
D844047 Tablet with card reader  
D844048 Coin depositing and dispensing apparatus  
D844051 Toner container with icon  
D844052 Printer  
D844046 Terminal  
D843445 Ink cartridge  
D843441 Type font  
D843444 Printer  
D843442 Type font  
D843443 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D842927 Ink cartridge  
D842711 Laser marking device  
D842925 Electronic copying machine  
D842926 Ink cartridge  
D841731 Document handler for a multifunction printing machine  
D841730 Toner cartridge  
D841733 Educational apparatus for learning math  
D841085 Printer  
D841086 Pen for a printer  
D840468 Multi-function printer  
D840467 Media cartridge  
D839955 Imprinter for scanner  
D839342 Printer  
D839341 Laser multi-function printer  
D838771 Printer  
D838770 Label printer  
D838772 Printer  
D838617 Bill discriminator  
D838311 Printer  
D837876 Docking stand for point-of-sale device  
D837290 Embossing machine  
D837291 Typeface  
D837292 Multi-function printer  
D836714 Printer for printing on 3D objects  
D836635 Card reader with keyboard  
D836713 Multifunction printing machine  
D836712 Multifunction printing machine  
D836711 Electronic calculator  
D836161 Toner cartridge