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D895723 Inkjet printhead  
D894272 Front panel of multi-function electrophotographic printer scanner  
D893605 Label cartridge  
D892211 Natural convection ultraviolet pinning lamp  
D890840 Ink cartridge  
D890255 Ink cartridge  
D889538 Ink cartridge  
D888823 Ink cartridge  
D888150 Printer cassette  
D886901 Cartridge  
D886823 Scanner  
D881987 Front panel of printer  
D880583 Panel for multi-function printer  
D876537 Printer cassette  
D875828 Ink cartridge  
D875173 Ink cartridge  
D873341 Process cartridge for image forming apparatus  
D869552 Panel for multi-function printer  
D869551 Printer  
D869550 Nozzle cap for ink bottle for printer  
D868885 Electrophotographic printer panel  
D868886 Scanner  
D868152 Printer  
D868153 Printer  
D867445 Printer panel  
D867446 Ribbon cartridge  
D866659 Portion of a container for an ink cartridge  
D865861 Tape cartridge for tape printing machine  
D865054 Ink cartridge  
D865053 Waste ink box for printer  
D863301 Printer  
D862471 Printer  
D861781 Paper feeder panel for a multi-function electrophotographic printer scanner  
D861067 Paper drawer panel for an electrophotographic printer  
D861068 Paper exit panel for a multi-function electrophotographic printer scanner  
D858628 Label cartridge  
D857793 Handle for a multifunction printing machine  
D855104 Component for a labeler machine  
D849835 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D849836 Printer  
D849834 Filter for a desktop laser cutter  
D849135 Paper cartridge for printer  
D848526 Ribbon cartridge  
D847255 Ink cartridge  
D843445 Ink cartridge  
D842927 Ink cartridge  
D842926 Ink cartridge  
D841086 Pen for a printer  
D840468 Multi-function printer  
D840467 Media cartridge