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D893604 Multi-function printer  
D893603 Side panel of paper feed tray on printer  
D892926 Printer  
D892927 Printer  
D892210 Printer  
D889537 Printer  
D868884 Printer  
D868151 Printer  
D868149 Printer  
D868150 Printer  
D867444 Portion of multi-function printer  
D860207 Scanner  
D860206 Scanner  
D856413 Printer  
D853479 Printer  
D850530 Printer  
D849134 Office machine  
D848525 Printer  
D843444 Printer  
D837292 Multi-function printer  
D836712 Multifunction printing machine  
D834641 Multifunction printing machine  
D832916 Multi-function printer  
D832342 Multifunction printing machine  
D832341 Multifunction printing machine  
D827705 Desktop laser cutter  
D822103 Printer  
D821490 Printer  
D819124 Document handler for a multifunction printing machine  
D818532 Printer  
D818534 Printer  
D818533 Printer  
D817391 Printer  
D817390 Printer  
D816766 Printer  
D815197 Multi-function printer  
D815196 Printer  
D814562 Printer  
D814561 Printer  
D813940 Printer  
D812684 Printer  
D812683 Printer  
D812134 Printer  
D811474 Multi-function printer  
D809594 Printer  
D808461 Printer  
D807428 Multifunction printing machine  
D807426 Printing machine  
D806792 Printer  
D805578 Printer