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D895267 Pick holder  
D895184 Lamp for ukulele  
D894262 Sound absorbing panel  
D894261 Guitar  
D893587 Musical instrument pad prop with removable strap  
D892206 Headstock for guitar  
D892207 Switch topper  
D891512 Marching mace  
D890839 Pick  
D890838 Mouthpiece patch for musical instrument  
D890252 Synthesizer  
D890249 Keyboard instrument  
D890251 Trumpet mute  
D890250 Upright piano  
D889534 Drum head tensioning bracket  
D889532 Electronic keyboard  
D889533 Electronic keyboard  
D888820 Guitar headstock  
D888147 Musical instrument pad prop  
D888151 Piano key overlay tile  
D888145 Bridge saddle for electric guitar  
D888146 Musical instrument pad prop  
D887486 Guitar fret sticker sheet  
D886894 Mouthpiece for woodwind instrument  
D886895 Pedalboard for a musical instrument  
D885477 Cymbal shield  
D885478 Steel tongue drum  
D885475 Cymbal shield  
D885474 Cymbal shield  
D885476 Cymbal shield  
D884781 Guitar stop  
D884782 Electronic percussion instrument  
D884783 Pedalboard for effects unit  
D884780 Pick holder for a stringed instrument  
D884069 Internal mute for brass musical instruments  
D884068 Insulator for piano casters  
D883372 Stringed musical instrument  
D882675 Guitar bridge  
D881982 Guitar effector  
D881983 Drum stick  
D881984 Percussion detecting device  
D881265 Clip-on for piano keys and electronic keyboard keys  
D881266 Tambourine  
D881268 Music sequencer  
D881267 Hook for strap for musical instrument  
D880578 Stabilizer for supporting a foot-sustain pedal  
D880579 Drum lug  
D879870 Electronic piano  
D879871 Stringed instrument  
D879872 Maraca handle