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D897379 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D897373 Piston  
D897377 Rotator  
D897375 Operator pad for stand-on machine  
D897387 Accompany robot  
D897388 Accompany robot  
D897383 Sleeve-ball split bearing housing  
D897380 Step plane notch edge of an agricultural drill/planter/coulter/disc blade  
D897390 Accompany robot  
D897374 Engine mount  
D897281 Jumpstart with compressor  
D897382 Engine hood for motor vehicle  
D897378 Rotator  
D897381 Grille for a vehicle  
D897172 Grip for soldering iron  
D897384 Electric cylinder  
D897376 Reclaimer  
D897386 Picture-book reading robot  
D897385 Robot  
D897389 Accompany robot  
D896855 Sewing machine  
D896857 Controlling apparatus for soldering  
D896851 Agricultural drill / planter / coulter / disc blade with a step plane notch  
D896846 Twin screw pump  
D896844 Air intake snorkel for a vehicle  
D896849 Wheel loader  
D896853 Hood for tractor  
D896843 Engine  
D896850 Crosscutter disc  
D896845 Twin screw pump  
D896842 Valve for engine  
D896854 Sewing machine  
D896847 Pump  
D896848 Operator pad for stand-on machine  
D896858 Mobile robot  
D896856 Thermoelectric mini fridge cooler/warmer  
D896860 Industrial robot  
D896859 Industrial robot  
D896841 Engine  
D896852 Excavator  
D896289 Quick-change toolholder  
D896281 Portable air compressor  
D896288 Laser engraving machine  
D896285 Excavator  
D896273 Engine  
D896286 Travelling body for construction machine  
D896291 Robot  
D896290 Heating apparatus  
D896280 Piston rod  
D896282 Snow thrower housing