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D896808 Artificial intelligence platform device  
D895682 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface  
D895606 Communication robot  
D894963 White noise machine  
D894147 Multimedia communication terminal  
D894138 Media extender  
D892756 Desktop video processor  
D887448 Electronics enclosure  
D885437 Electronic device with light display  
D885436 Panel of a voice interface device  
D884667 Digital audio player  
D884743 Foldable screen  
D884030 Playback device  
D883948 Digital audio player  
D883250 MP3 player  
D883329 White noise machine  
D883251 Portable music player  
D879150 Playback device  
D879152 Electronic device  
D879151 Electronic device  
D879058 Desktop video processor  
D879034 Multi-port power base for smart device  
D878325 Electronic input device  
D876375 Desktop video processor  
D875686 Stackable RF expansion module  
D875687 Stackable RF base module  
D875685 Stackable RF modules  
D875064 Amplifier rear face  
D875138 Portable electronic device  
D874425 Audio decoder  
D874423 Smart device  
D869503 Portable sound machine  
D869411 Video capture device  
D868761 Device cover  
D868837 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface  
D868111 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface  
D864929 Base station housing  
D865003 Electronic device  
D863357 Communication device  
D863356 Electronic device  
D860959 Media extender device  
D860291 Camera device with display  
D860257 Electronic device  
D859352 Wireless car MP3  
D858497 Base station housing  
D855078 Portable sound machine  
D854509 Smart device  
D852229 Electronic device  
D850486 Electronic device with animated light display  
D849145 Video game controller