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D896175 Charging base for a hair dryer  
D896228 Docking station  
D896191 Passive multiplexer  
D896189 Remote control  
D896188 Garage door accessory  
D896170 Combined emergency charger and base  
D896177 Wireless charging mount  
D896168 Solar panel support  
D896192 Electronic cart  
D896176 Mobile charger  
D896180 Connector  
D896190 Water cooling device  
D896182 Female electrical connector with locking arm  
D896181 Connector  
D896172 Car wireless charger  
D896186 Combined flexible docking cable and support for mobile device  
D896227 Docking station  
D896225 Connector  
D896179 Powered battery case  
D896187 Cable gland  
D896171 Charger  
D896174 Wireless charger  
D896169 Smartwatch charging stand  
D896167 Solar module  
D896184 Busbar  
D896173 Charging base for electronic devices  
D896183 Electrical cable connector  
D896178 Base of magnetic component  
D896185 Two in one connector  
D895557 Dashboard for paver  
D895625 Adapter for a computer  
D895288 Case for charging case  
D895538 Frame for a photovoltaic panel array  
D895636 Electronic device stand  
D895545 Laser tag charging station  
D895546 Electric propulsion apparatus  
D895543 Charger  
D895553 Electrical cable plug  
D895561 Passive multiplexer  
D895560 Electronics enclosure  
D895556 Low voltage outlet  
D895287 Case for charging case  
D895559 Light emitting diode  
D895544 Wireless charger  
D895562 Electrical housing  
D895540 Battery charger  
D895552 Connector  
D895550 Sensor device  
D895542 Battery charging device  
D895558 Remote control