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D896176 Mobile charger  
D896179 Powered battery case  
D895288 Case for charging case  
D895287 Case for charging case  
D895715 Battery pack for a camera  
D894827 Battery pack  
D894826 Battery  
D894119 Battery for portable electronic device  
D894120 Battery  
D894118 Battery pack  
D894117 Oxygen concentrator battery  
D893411 Battery pack  
D893413 Battery pack  
D893410 Battery pack  
D893412 Battery  
D893418 Portable power bank  
D893409 Battery device  
D893419 Portable power bank  
D892586 Power tool  
D892723 Combination battery and holder assembly  
D892727 Jump starter  
D892724 Electric energy storage device  
D892039 Battery box  
D892038 Battery box  
D891364 Battery  
D891362 Battery pack  
D891363 Battery pack  
D890694 Battery case  
D890692 Battery pack  
D890693 Battery pack with air compressor  
D890698 Power bank  
D890089 Portable power supply  
D890086 Backpack battery  
D890097 Vent plug for lead acid battery  
D890092 Wireless powerbank  
D890087 Battery box for christmas string lights  
D889401 USB portable power supply  
D889395 Battery  
D889407 Lead acid battery  
D889398 Jump starter  
D889396 Battery  
D889394 Battery  
D888658 Rechargeable battery charger  
D888660 Power bank  
D887981 Battery pack adaptor  
D887970 Mobile battery  
D887968 Battery module  
D887969 Battery  
D887140 Case for charging case  
D887347 Battery box