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D936516 Balance scooter  
D932368 Automated delivery vehicle  
D931756 Automated delivery vehicle  
D930504 Electric tractor  
D920870 Sensor stack for automated delivery vehicle  
D915941 Three-wheeled electric vehicle  
D913351 Mobile carrier  
D912574 Car  
D911405 Mobile carrier  
D911217 Unmanned ground vehicle  
D905595 Self-balancing board  
D904225 Self-balancing board  
D902077 Self-balancing board  
D900675 Intelligent device  
D897236 Hoverboard  
D894044 Electric vehicle  
D891297 Hoverboard  
D890853 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D890025 Single-wheeled electric vehicle with auxiliary wheel and/or replica thereof  
D890024 Vehicle  
D888613 Electric vehicle  
D886670 Hoverboard  
D880357 Allterrain vehicles  
D876286 Three-wheeled electric vehicle  
D874334 Vehicle  
D874335 Vehicle  
D873709 Self-balancing transportation device  
D873173 Automated guided vehicle  
D873174 Automatic guided vehicle  
D871964 Vehicle with foot supports  
D871965 Hoverboard  
D866393 Electric transport vehicle  
D861536 Electric motor vehicle  
D858351 All-terrain vehicle and/or replica  
D857553 Vehicle and toy vehicle  
D856847 4 wheeled bike  
D854447 Electric balance vehicle  
D850326 Electric self-balancing vehicle  
D850355 Vehicle floatation apparatus  
D849598 All-terrain vehicle and/or replica  
D845871 Protection cover for scooter  
D845832 Electric vehicle  
D845833 Electric transport vehicle  
D842167 Electronic balance vehicle  
D841516 Self-balancing two-wheeled scooter  
D840872 Two wheeled board  
Newness and distinctiveness resides in those features of shape and or configurationof a self balancing board as depicted in the representations. Features shown inbroken lines and shading lines do...
D839132 Wheeled vehicle  
D835544 Balance scooter  
D834448 Self-balancing board  
D833538 Self-balancing vehicle  
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