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D897455 Collectible figure  
D897232 Diamond  
D897231 Single wine bottle pendant  
D897234 Heart shaped vase  
D897235 Zipper pull  
D897233 Dual ring jewelry setting  
D897230 Bracelet  
D896692 Butterfly home decoration  
D896677 Smartwatch band  
D896694 Buckle for bags  
D896697 Button for garments  
D896680 Ring  
D896686 Gemstone  
D896688 Wearable chain  
D896681 Ring  
D896685 Gemstone  
D896690 Growing tower  
D896689 Lighted artificial twig branch with micro LED  
D896682 Jewelry accessory  
D896695 Rigid coupler  
D896683 Locket  
D896679 Breathable ring  
D896693 Flag display device  
D896698 Slider  
D896684 Bungee bead apparatus  
D896687 Faceted gemstone  
D896678 Bracelet  
D896696 Buckle  
D896691 Flower box  
D896699 Slider  
D896124 Hanging basket tool  
D896046 Webbing hook multi tool  
D896121 Diamond article  
D896122 Planting tray  
D896120 Earring  
D896123 Memorial vase  
D896071 Decorative container  
D896119 Watch bands with a reflective strip  
D895480 Flower holder  
D895481 Stress relief curio  
D895482 Apparel buckle  
D895472 Bracelet  
D895476 Diamond jewelry item  
D895483 Buckle  
D895475 Pendant  
D895470 Bracelet with integrated hair pick  
D895469 Jewellery  
D895477 Artificial rose  
D895473 Ring  
D895474 Earring