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D941688 Communication equipment  
D941687 Portable device with a triangular mounting plate  
D941164 Location sensor and flow rate meter  
D941165 Location sensor and flow rate meter  
D939980 Data and sensor system hub  
Techniques for analysis and deep learning modeling of sensor-based object detection data in bounded aquatic environments are described, including capturing an image from a sensor disposed...
D939979 Sensor  
D940330 Body sensor  
D939978 Dual sensor motion detector  
D939365 Biomonitoring wristband  
D939366 Lidar  
D939367 Measurement device  
D938839 Lidar  
D938838 Tracking device  
D938289 Child monitoring device  
D938290 Laser range finder  
D937108 Tracking device  
D936504 Tracking device  
D936505 Tracking device  
D935916 Tracking device  
D935914 Positioning tracker  
D935917 Tracking device  
D935918 Tracking device  
D935913 Electronic device with display  
D935915 Lidar  
D934708 Pallet location tracker  
D934090 Calibrator for lane departure warning system of a vehicle  
D934091 Laser instrument  
D931745 Target board used with a laser instrument  
D931126 Sensor array enclosure  
D931127 Distance measuring apparatus  
D930490 Dual sensor motion detector  
D930488 Detector  
D930489 Detector  
D929879 Body of a fitness tracker  
D929587 Image distance control device  
D929588 Image distance control device  
D928639 Rear sensor housing  
D928640 Distance measuring apparatus  
D927999 Fitness tracker  
D928000 Fitness tracker  
D927998 Front sensor housing  
D928110 Wireless beacon  
D928150 Data input device  
D927334 Measuring wheel  
D926607 Sensor for detecting, monitoring and surveilling area fields in an environment  
D926606 Rangefinder  
D926057 Rooftop sensor  
D924709 Cyclometer for e-bikes  
D923495 Electronic device  
D923496 Tracking device