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5415032 Gas meter  
A compact, 4-chamber gas meter comprising crankpost and valve drive mechanisms whereby each reciprocating valve moves from a stroke shifting point near center to a stroke endpoint and back to said...
4901567 Shaft device for a bellows-type gas meter  
A shaft device for a bellows-type gas meter. A first eccentric cam assembly and an element having a radial groove are both coupled to the shaft. A second eccentric cam assembly having an opening...
4856331 Bellows-type gas meter  
A bellows-type gas meter comprises two compartments each having a diaphragm as well as a shaft common to said two compartments, said shaft having two eccentric cam assemblies, one of said...
4706496 Diaphragm gas meter  
A diaphragm gas meter wherein the movement of the diaphragms is in a side to side direction and the transfer valve assembly and connecting linkages are all substantially toward the rear of the meter.
4091668 Diaphragm type gas meter  
In a diaphragm type gas meter, one crank plate pivotally mounting a pair of diaphragm movement transmission levers and the other crank plate pivotally mounting a pair of valve actuating levers...
3927601 Device for measuring liquids or gasses  
The invention concerns a device by means of which it is possible to measure very precisely determined quantities of liquids or gasses, and such through the intermediary of a meter which is...
A self-stabilizing valve guide secured in a slot in a meter valve housing to guide a slider rod of a slide valve. The valve guide is snapped into position within the slot wherein pairs of tabs...
A diaphragm-type gas meter with a plurality of measuring chambers above which is connected on one side thereof a pair of slide valves, operated by a valve-actuating mechanism pivotally connected...
RE00610 Title is not available  
3415121 Gas meter  
1,109,325. Gas meters. AMERCON CORPORATION. June 24, 1966 [Aug. 2, 1965], No.28412/66. Heading G1R. A gas meter comprises two transfer valves 25, 26 at the top each associated with a pair of...
3369398 Gas meter  
3159030 Fluid meters  
3159031 Hydraulic full stroking meter  
2818046 Gas meters  
2795138 Gas meters  
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