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6626050 Method for improving monitored range of flow sensor  
A flow sensing system capable of improving the monitored range of a flow sensing system. The flow sensing system has a transparent tube, an upper edge sensing assembly, a lower edge sensing...
6497143 Container with automatically controlled discharge for continuous metering of liquid flow  
Liquid, such as milk, enters the sealed container from an inlet at the top of the container and exits through an outlet at the bottom of the container. The quantity of liquid in the container is...
6393908 Outflow meter  
A self-contained symmetrical outflow meter for resting on a non-skid surface such as pavement and timing the rate of water drainage from the surface. The outflow meter is characterized by a...
6202483 Volumetric flow metering apparatus  
A volumetric flow meter that includes a defined volume and sensors that detect when liquid begins to fill the defined volume and when that volume is full. A circuit or equivalent logic is...
4662030 Viscosity control  
A viscosimeter comprising a Zahn cup, a supply tank arranged to supply a liquid, the viscosity of which is to be measured, to the Zahn cup, a control mechanism operable to stop the supply of...
4306454 Method and an apparatus for metering a liquid flow  
A method and an apparatus for metering a flow of a liquid, such as a milk flow in a milking system. The liquid is passed into a metering or measuring chamber from which it is discharged in...
4253332 Sealed flow meter for in-tank installation  
A liquid metering device comprises a sealed housing which defines a reserve chamber adjacent the bottom of the housing, and a measuring chamber within the housing above the reserve chamber. The...
3937083 Temperature-compensating liquid meter  
An automatic, temperature-compensated liquid or fuel metering device comprises a measuring chamber having a pair of magnetically responsive vertically spaced reed switches therein which are...
3931009 Water purification apparatus and timing device for initiating a backwashing cycle  
A water purification apparatus is disclosed having an aeration chamber for aerating unpurified water from a source. A filter chamber is provided beneath the aeration chamber containing granular...
A warning system for preventing overfill of liquid in an underground tank provided with a gage box having connecting means at ground level, comprises a hollow housing for holding an electrical...
3359787 Method and apparatus for monitoring liquids  
3350937 Apparatus for measuring tankfuls and counting the same  
3344659 Apparatus for determining the composition of multiphase fluids  
3222928 Tank gauge apparatus  
3206977 Fluid metering process and apparatus  
3189036 Fluid metering  
3101614 Pneumatic control system  
3090230 Metering methods and means  
3087334 Fluid metering and sampling apparatus and controls therefor  
3083571 Positive volume fluid meter  
3081630 Metering system  
3071002 Integrating fluid meter  
3064474 Metering apparatus  
3054290 Double float liquid metering apparatus  
3045485 Liquid metering apparatus  
3041876 Apparatus for metering liquids  
3040576 Pressure-operated metering apparatus  
3023618 Automatic liquid meter  
3021709 Methods and means for separating liquids from petroleum streams and metering the separated liquids  
2995139 Automatic custody transfer system  
2977795 Liquid metering system  
2971377 Metering apparatus  
2966798 Electrically controlled liquid metering apparatus  
2966172 Overlapping valve assembly  
2959055 Fluid meter  
2951368 Apparatus for metering and transferring fluid  
2949126 Liquid level control  
2938380 Liquid metering separator  
2936622 Liquid and gas metering separators  
2893595 Metering system  
2885118 Metering tank and control system for metering liquids  
2882724 Free float liquid metering apparatus  
2872817 Fluid sampler  
2853877 Rigid buoyancy mass liquid meter  
2831350 Metering separator  
2817967 Automatic metering apparatus  
2794342 Liquid meter  
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