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6071029 Gel dispensing brush  
A gel dispensing hair brush having a plurality of hollow bristles tapering from a head of the brush to a free end at a tip of the bristle for dispensing a gel from within a storage reservoir of...
5208933 Dental tool with liquid dispensing, and cartridge  
A powered dental tool dispenses a liquid dentifrice from a removable and replaceable cartridge to a dental site being cleaned or otherwise treated. The tool mounts the cartridge to receive a...
4974981 Cosmetic powder brush with metered powder dispenser  
A cosmetic powder brush dispenser for depositing cosmetic powder onto a brush within the unitary structure of the dispenser. The dispenser incorporates a deformable container for storing the...
3089465 Lettering instrument  
2882860 Writing instrument  
2871825 Fountain pen  
Matches 1 - 6 out of 6