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7175162 Screw driven hoist  
A hoist provides high mechanical advantage and accurate positioning, driven by hand or with a powered rotary implement such as a drill. The hoist includes flexible tension members, such as chains,...
4653653 Hoisting systems  
A safety system for overhead hoisting cranes is provided which incorporates a overload release coupling in the high speed drive shaft between the prime mover and the gear reducers driving one or...
3997061 Toy crane  
A toy crane provided with a base, a tower extending upwardly therefrom, a boom mounted to rotate about the tower, a carriage mounted to travel along the boom, an implement that may be raised and...
RE10470 Title is not available  
3427902 CRANES  
3358850 Mobile manipulative toy for child participation  
3051326 Crane drives  
3029955 Material handling apparatus  
2837220 Lift and transport mechanism  
Matches 1 - 9 out of 9