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US20090293164 St. Augustinegrass plant named 'Eclipse'  
St. Augustinegrass plant Eclipse is a new and distinct variety of perennial St. Augustinegrass cultivar, characterized by its short and narrow leaf blades, fine leaf texture, short internode...
US20080184441 NUF-76  
Perennial St. Augustinegrass having plant hopper and southern chinch bug insect resistance, narrow leaf blades and slower leaf extension rates thus requiring less frequent mowing.
US20090019611 Delta Shade  
DeltaShade is an attractive perennial, vegetatively propagated Stenotaphrum secundatum (St. Augustine grass) having a bright green color, shade tolerance, cold tolerance and a semi-dwarf leaf blade.
‘FSA1602’ is a new and distinct St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walt.) Kuntze) variety distinguished at least by its distinctive olive blue-green color, large stolon size, and good...
US20160212912 St. Augustinegrass plant named 'DALSA 0605'  
‘DALSA 0605’ is a new variety of St. Augustinegrass distinguished by having high tolerance to grey leaf spot disease, significantly reduced levels of fecundity and juvenile development of Southern...
US20160135351 Stenotaphrum Secundatum Plant Named 'Pal42'  
A new and distinct turf grass cultivar of Stenotaphrum secundatum plant named ‘PAL42’, characterized by the combination of greater internodal spacing of the stolons, very long stolons, and a very...
Matches 1 - 6 out of 6