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US20110321207 Dianthus plant named 'WP10 ELE04'  
A new cultivar of Dianthus plant named ‘WP10 ELE04’ which is characterized by compact mounding habit, glaucous, blue green foliage and fragrant double light shell pink flowers. In combination,...
US20100058506 Dianthus plant named 'WP08 ULR03'  
A new cultivar of Dianthus plant named ‘WP08 ULR03’ whose flowers are fully double and bright vibrant pink in color, and which are strongly pleasantly fragrant. In combination these traits set...
US20120060249 Carnation plant named 'CFPC Ohana'  
A new variety of carnation plant named ‘CFPC Ohana’, having a compact form of plant with well presented flowers which have a purple pink center and a flushed pinkish white border.
A new cultivar of Dianthus plant named ‘WP08 VER03’ whose flowers are pleasantly perfumed, double and bi-colored lavender-pink with a maroon “eye” and comprised of deeply fimbriated petals. In...
A new and distinct Dianthus cultivar named ‘DCAPE04-0’ is disclosed, characterized by continuous flowering on floriferous plants hardy to USDA Zone 3. Flowers are semi-double and light to medium...
US20150351300 Dianthus Plant Named 'KLEDG13158'  
A new Dianthus plant particularly distinguished by single-type pink flowers with purple eyes, good branching, and an upright and bushy plant habit, is disclosed.
Matches 1 - 6 out of 6